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What does the light of a router mean, and what is the meaning of each lamp

2018-02-05 12:11:11
Along with the development of network technology, people's demand for network is becoming more and more big, so the cat and the brothers router becomes more and more important, without them, our life may be less color.
for newbie, the router is not very understanding, the work status of the router is a little knowledge, to explain the router today generally represent what meaning, the indicator of what their meanings?
saw this article you even have a preliminary understanding of the router, the life also can have help for future work.
we want to identify the indicator of cat recommended reading: the indicator lights on the cats generally represent what meaning, each lamp light description: what's the meaning of

PWRS power indicator light: normally on plug;Often goes out not switched on.
m1 system status indicator light: often destroy normal system (after the self-inspection often destroy);Normally on a fault system.

m2 / SYS/System System status indicator light: normal flash System;Normally on or often out the said system has fault.
m1 and M2 lights flashing at the same time said system is factory default
1-4/1-8/1-15 LAN status indicators: normally on corresponding normal connection port;Flash data transmission.Said
wan wan status indicators: normally on the corresponding normal connection port;Flash data transmission.Status indicator light: the link/Act
and other devices connected normally on corresponding normal connection port;Flash data transmission.
10/100 m speed indicator light: normally on said 100 m;Often goes out 10 m.
would like to know the cat and the router connection please read: wireless router (cat or fiber) access set by tutorial,

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