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What does the millet phone WIFI do not search / connect to the router

2018-01-04 13:33:58

millet mobile WIFI cannot search/connected to the router, please check the WIFI password is correct, such as advice can be set in >System >WLAN>Senior >Domain select 11 or 14 frequencies, generally can be solved.If the router opens the WPS encryption, please in the mobile phone wlan Settings manually add the WPS network.Also suggested that the router open DHCP (automatically assign IP), if it is not open, need to manually set up the connection.At the same time try under other wireless router connection.If other types of wi-fi routers are unable to connect, suggest restart try to solve.

after the restart still can suggest users to WIPE or WIPE brush again beautiful MIUI ROM full package solution.

millet mobile phone is millet company (full name Beijing millet technology co., LTD.) "research and development of a high-performance smart phones.Millet mobile phone insist Born to a fever "Design concept, will be the world's top mobile terminal technology and the components applied to each new product, millet mobile phone ultra high performance-to-price ratio also make each product become the most worth looking forward to the smartphone.

millet mobile phone use online sales model, at present, adopt the world's fastest quad-core processors millet mobile phone 2 has on its website for sales, price 1999 yuan.Millet mobile phone 1 s, price 1499 yuan, billed as the world's fastest dual core 1.7 GHz smartphones.Millet mobile phone 1 s youth version, dual core 1.5 GHz, website sells for 1299 yuan.

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