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What does the server mean?

2018-02-26 10:43:38

【 introduction 】 server is when we play games often say to a noun, also some friends call it server.In general the server is actually a kind of equipment that can handle the calculation work.Because in most cases we will with the server in response to a request in the form for data transmission and processing, so the server must have the ability of service and security service.In general, the concept of the server is not a two words can describe the qing, let below small make up to explain for everybody.We talk about the server basic structure for first

, first of all, it is by the processor and memory as calculation module, hard disk as a storage module, the system bus as data transmission channel, these are the main composition.And these constitute basically no difference with the general computer.But on the other hand, the server must have good processing capability, on its stability and security and reliability must be higher than other computer more.In addition, he also needs to have scalability and manageability, these are all it is the necessary condition to perform a task.Tell from the classification,

server based on different type of service provided by the network file server can be divided into a chat server, WEB server, application server and so on.

for server system hardware, although it is in some ways and general computer has the same place, but there are also different.To the same place we know that the hardware is made up of the CPU is the CPU, memory, computer motherboard chipset, the corresponding I/O bus and related I/O devices, chassis, power supply and related software.In judging the server quality and ability to work, these indicators also became we use to assess the index.

for the server, he is like a person, have the brain (processor), has the nerve (bus), a skeleton (chip), facial features (I/O devices), blood (power).To the entire run.At the same time, it also shows a corresponding relationship between these components.

server can handle database and the corresponding Web service, provide information service for the center with it.Relatively general computer is the terminal network, it is used with server dialog window.

in the design, the design of the server itself is passed and deal with the data on the performance properties of the general computer.It with the computing power and storage capacity and communication capacity are other computers do not have.

us through the above analysis, to explain the concept of the server, also tell the difference between it and general computer.In the dialogue, the server focuses on the calculation and processing data, and the terminal is focus on the research of man-machine conversation function.

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