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What does the server mean

2018-01-05 17:32:58
What do you mean

server may be a lot of people don't really know, but for computer enthusiasts don't strange, generally, it's hard to see the real server because the server are generally placed in the room key, idle people are only commonly, so talking about server, a lot of contact with friends is not a stranger, the following is what meaning is to introduce the specific server.

server is what mean?

actually server are similar in appearance and the host computer, but the server is the soul of the website, necessary to open the web site is the carrier, no server site users unable to browse.Server is like a piece of ticket, even if the site in the search engine ranking again good, the website can't open, the user cannot view, website, there is no secure user experience, the website can be open is the first priority.Such as our website every day, in fact, the data on the server, the server is generally in some IDC data center room and telecom network inside the building.

server, also known as the server.Server is the high performance computer in the network environment, it listens for other computers on the network (client) to submit a service request, and provide the corresponding services, to this end, the server must have the ability to bear the service and security service.We mentioned here server, is mainly refers to the Web server, or what we call a dedicated server, is designed for website business application server, the server can provide documentation to the requesting browser program.The Web server is also a kind of passive program, only when the server receives the request from the browser, the server will respond.

due to the Web server is a passive process, so the requirement of different types of Web sites on the Web server.Enterprise web site and personal site are generally display site, the servers so they are generally not high performance requirements.Type of e-commerce sites and portal sites such as traffic users compared commonly big, these large web site to the server need is high.

at present, most users of web server software, there are two: Microsoft's information server (iis) and Apache.And set up a Web server is common Windows operating system, Linux and Unix.Linux security the highest in the three systems, at the same time can support multiple hardware platforms, and it is open source software, market prices are lower, and even users can download the free code to build a Web server.The Web server's operation more simple, more superior performance, utilization rate is very high at present, Unix is more niche!Above

is about server what is the meaning of simple introduction, hope that through this article you understand something to the server.

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