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What equipment can be connected 360 portable wifi? How many devices to support at the same time conn

2018-02-11 13:11:52

which devices can be connected with wifi

360 portable WiFi in addition to support mobile Internet, also support PAD or computers and other devices on the Internet.

360 take WiFi"Aiming at the main is a school, office and hotel and other places, generally can be wired to the Internet, but there is no wireless network coverage.Iresearch data show that nearly 70% of the computer or in a state, dial-up Internet access means that at least 70% of the computer near no wireless environment.Especially in three or four line city, is still relatively strong demand for wireless networks.

360 portable wifi support many devices connected at the same time a maximum of

360 portable WiF is a super mini wireless router, operation is extremely simple, support for multiple devices connected to use, can theoretically support 32 department of wireless Internet at the same time.

just 360 portable WiFi plugged into a computer can surf the Internet, without doing any Settings, the connect cable network computer into a access point, the intelligent devices such as mobile phone, Pad can surf the Internet.Radiation is very small, just ordinary wireless router 1/6-1/8.Price, retail price of 19.9 yuan, divided into black and white two kinds of appearance.

don't need any configuration, "360 take wifi"Success is set up, at this point, the user simply search by smartphones, tablets and other wireless network, can search to a "Throughout 360 &;At the beginning of the wireless network (SSID), then use the randomly generated network password, you can surf the Internet safely., of course, if the user thinks this password is not secure enough, you can also manually modify the password, this design is also quite human.

which devices can be connected with wifi?Most support many devices connected at the same time?360 portable wifi is by sharing computer networks, making mobile phone, tablet, such as equipment connected to the wireless network, so the phone after connect the wifi will achieve zero flow, without operator network.

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