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What happens when the router can't go online suddenly, the router suddenly can't connect to the ne

2018-01-08 11:06:49

in life often encountered the router cannot surf the Internet suddenly, so how to solve?Don't try so hard, the small make up that led the people together to solve the router suddenly unable to connect to the Internet this kind of problem, hope to be of

router suddenly unable to connect to the Internet solutions:

1, first check whether the thread off suddenly or line is the cat's away.So although there are routing signals, but still can't get to the Internet.

2, check whether due to peak season, computer room power caused by voltage instability, unable to get to the Internet, I go to work in the netcom, a friend said that it is possible, especially in small and medium-sized cities, mainly cooking times, electricity, lead to voltage instability.

3, if not voltage reason, please restart the router.Find the Reset button, hold down not to put, keep 3 s to see if the problem was solved after

4, if have no solution had to set up the router, into the browser, address to enter, enter login, account and password details see instruction.

5, click on the setup wizard, set down step by step according to directions.

6, set up complete click save after confirm the router will restart, restart the check to see if the problem is solved.

7 cannot surf the Internet, if you have any questions, just call the local service providers to ask whether there is something wrong with the service.

8, if the service providers also didn't fail, that is about to access the router is out of the question.Suggest to professional repair shop repair.

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