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What is BGP? BGP line room alright?

2018-01-25 10:37:00

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BGP (border gateway protocol) is mainly used for the Internet AS interconnection between (autonomous system), the main function is to control the spread of routing BGP and choose the best route.China netcom, China telecom, China railcom and some of the biggest private IDC operators have the AS number, all the major national network operators mostly through BGP protocol and own the AS number to realize the multiple wire interconnection.Use this solution to implement multiple lines connected, IDC needs to CNNIC (China Internet network information center) or APNIC (asia-pacific network information center) to apply for their own IP address and the AS number (currently web host technology is a member of the APNIC and CNNIC) at the same time, and then through the BGP protocol IP address broadcast this paragraph to other network operators in the network.After using the BGP protocol connected all the backbone network operators will determine the IDC machine room IP routing equipment section of the best route, to ensure the high speed of different network operators user access.The advantages of

more than

BGP line room:

1.Server only need to set up an IP address, the best access route is the backbone routers on the network according to the routing hop count and other technical indicators to determine any system does not use server resources.Server upstream routing and downward can choose the optimal path routing, so can realize high speed single IP access at a high speed.

2.Due to the BGP protocol itself has the characteristics of redundancy backup, eliminate the loop, so when IDC service providers have multiple BGP interconnection line can realize mutual backup, routing in a route failure route will automatically switch to the other line.

3.Using the BGP protocol can also make the network has a strong extensibility IDC network can be connected with other operators, and easily implement single IP line, do all user access Internet operators quickly.This is two IP two incomparable.

use BGP multi-line machine room and single room, the advantages and disadvantages in the BGP multi-line rooms:

1, room support multiple lines, like telecom, unicom, mobile terminal users and access speed, there is no cross line jump;One of the lines malfunction such as mobile cable out of the question, can automatically mobile users to switch to other lines, there will be no mobile users access to the server.

2, someIDC company such as bird cloud is built, service advantages, such as 7 * 24 maintenance server failures, more flexible, IP resources, such as increased bandwidth using standby server\/standby hardware replace the user server outage or failure in the hardware, the most main is don't have to walk the bureaucracy, to conduct a business for a long time, is very fast.Is actually doing something for the customer.

3, bad place is BGP route is expensive, the same machine and bandwidth is a lot higher than single wire, the greater the bandwidth ratio, the greater the commonly used basic did not use BGP company over gigabit bandwidth more line.And BGP multi-line machine room there is no single export bandwidth is enough, the attack can survive, large flow, such as 20 g network will be lost package.

single rooms,

single room is the biggest advantage of large bandwidth costs low, room export bandwidth is sufficient.In turn the advantage of BGP is the disadvantage of single room, can't stand the most is in the evening, holidays machine fault maintenance problems, slow death, of course in the single rooms are generally large customers such as 360, baidu, one or two machine fault will not affect the clusters are distributed, moreover the server has a remote control card.

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