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What is DLNA? What is the DLNA technology?

2018-01-09 10:46:20

what is dlna

dlna first put forward by SONY, Intel, Microsoft and so on, full name is the DIGITAL LIVING NETWORK ALLIANCE, aimed at resolving personal PC, consumer electronics, mobile devices, wireless NETWORK and wired NETWORK connectivity, is actually solve the computers and other electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablet by wireless or between Ann NETWORK connectivity, let our photo, video, music can share in the above equipment, makes the DIGITAL media and content services unlimited sharing and growth is possible, at present has reached more than 280 member companies.

dlna is not create technology, but form a solution, a we can comply with the specifications.So, the choice of various technologies and protocols are currently using a wide range of technologies and protocols.

dlna five functional components

dlna its entire application rules into five functional components.From the bottom up, in order: network interconnection, network protocol, transmission media, the discovery of equipment control and management, media formats.

1. A network interconnection.It specifies the type of access networks and protocols.At present, mainly include: cable: 802.3 I/u wireless networks: 802.11 / a/b/g/n

2 network protocol.The rules for the use of network protocol.At present, its provisions must support IPv4.However, considering the address space such as IPv4 shortcomings, will support IPv6 in the near future.Of course, considering a lot of application of existing IPv4 and equipment.At the same time in the future for a long time support and ensure the IPv4 and IPv6 IPv4 and IPv6 interconnection of double protocol stack will be preferred.

3. The media transmission.Its rules on the all DLNA device must support the use of the HTTP protocol for media transmission.This will make the future for a long time how to improve the HTTP protocol on the safety of large amount of data transmission as a subject.Simple security yet, TLS (transport layer security) protocol may be a good choice.In addition, in the protocol of IPv6 IPSEC has become an option.This also to a certain extent, solve the security problems.But it seems to use software to do encryption work always is not a right choice.Because, in real application, there are few customers not your speed.At the same time, of course, you can also use RTP (real-time transfer protocol) of other specialized media stream transfer protocol.However, under the premise is you have to support the HTTP protocol.

4. The discovery of equipment, control and media management.The functional components is one of the most important level.Maybe is because Intel is the sponsor of the UPnP, so in DLNA, again by UPnP everything, of course, it won't waste.Because UPnP long stay agreement stage, there are few applications, IDG is the exception, Intel again to initiate DLNA, at present, it adopted the UPnP Device Architecture and UPnP AV 1.0 and 1.0 UPnP Printer: 1.This is just a UPnP BBS on a pile of the tip of the iceberg of the standard.The UPnP, like very much, don't speak in detail here.In a word, and through a series of steps and protocols to achieve the discovery of equipment and management, at the same time as defined by the manufacturer of AV and Printer standards to achieve the management of the media.

5. The media format.This is the last of a component.The rules for digital media and content sharing and use of media formats.It must support is: JPEG, LPCM (linear pulse code modulation), MPEG2.Other optional media format.Editorial:

DLNA is what?Many netizens have seen small make up of the popular science, believe that is not very understanding, it is not surprising.Only in terms of technology, DLNA, it should be said is very near to us, but there is also a lot of factors in business, so we still have a distance DLNA.Related:

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