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What is WiFi audio, WiFi audio what effect

2018-02-09 12:40:22

WiFi acoustics, what can bring what changes to the way we listen to?WiFi sound has become now the audio industry among the most sought-after crispy Fried chicken and a lot of that is reserved for audio manufacturers strength of launching its own WiFi audio products, and on the market, there are also claims to be a classic WiFi sound, but after contact with some WiFi acoustics, really feel, besides some high-end WiFi acoustics on the market, it now seems really not do ah, WiFi sound I feel really didn't think exactly what is strong!

WiFi sound basically still before we often say that the wireless audio products, with 2.4 G and bluetooth audio and audio different places is WiFi sound with WiFi as a means of communication, on the transmission distance and the penetration than bluetooth and 2.4 G acoustics, and can support online play, but this stuff so you really think you have to use?

first of all, let's look at the transmission distance, really WiFi audio transmission distance is longer, but we not everyone is a Kings son, after all, there are so many RMB to buy big house can play tennis, we want WiFi stereo stem in little space, bluetooth is not enough in your worlds you to STH over and over again?Streaming function after edit your feel more futile, you use a mobile phone next to QQ music or other APP music player software, what music you can't find, WiFi acoustics is nothing but the agreement signed with the music APP, on the basis of these music play the function of the APP to reach its online play.The remaining

WiFi sound exactly what advantage?These advantages are really so useful?This is now called audio new rules to ridicule the WiFi acoustics, take a look at this kind of sound really will become a new choice you listening?

a lot of people know, because of the illicit close sex of the WiFi acoustics and anti-interference performance may not be compared with bluetooth, but it is based on WiFi network transmission also make this kind of standard of sound reached 802.11 g and 802.11 n, the transmission rate of 54 MBPS gradually from the past to now 300 MBPS, the development of the super bandwidth has transcended the CD level, transmission of music can also achieve a relatively very high standard, let users can enjoy the wireless voice.

although bandwidth so big, a lot of people are also saying that this is a new era of HiFi, but friends have given cable HiFi users that despise eyes?Wireless HiFi, how do you let them live!You may say, WiFi wireless is to listen to, want is this convenient Feel, but you can also take WiFi sound to the outdoors to listen to, how do you make a bluetooth stereo?You want to use wireless listening HiFi sound, but when at home you really need to listen to high quality music?

WiFi sound so high price, the same price you can buy a high end active speakers, believe me, than your wireless WiFi speaker can hear more enjoyable!So all say wireless WiFi stereo sound quality is a big characteristic, but believe that wireless stereo sound quality compared to the same price cable speakers sound quality, absolutely still has certain gap, so before buying the WiFi sound you want to think about it, don't listen to the merchant's message!

friends all know that bluetooth stereo is adopting the way of matching to connect with, and now the WiFi audio broadcast is based on the WiFi network as the carrier, can realize the function of the one-to-many, but as a general working class, you come home which come so much room to let you play together, you are not afraid of inefficient and not afraid of them?Although it is WiFi acoustics is the most popular countries in the United States, but the friends we consider prices and wages, really want to listen to radio music, a bluetooth stereo is quite good!

in addition to this, if you want to enjoy good wireless voice better, still need to download a specialized APP, this edit your think you feel so trouble, all kinds of registered various experimental various switch WiFi acoustics, and then complete the matching test, with up to really let a person tired, if the rich can capricious, but for our general civilians, to an audio cable to play is very good.

wi-fi actually sound a bit is clear, such as a one-to-many connection design, strong transport capacity, simple manipulation, etc., are all WiFi sound will be vital to our future listening for audio products, but in front of the fun is not without significance, in fact, in the end, WiFi sound is still cannot into our life, to investigate its fundamental is the high cost.

such a high price to buy a wireless audio, many enthusiasts are not necessarily can accept, if this problem can be solved, then the WiFi sound in our country should will have very good development, but the cost of the specific what time can be saved, and we continue to wait and see!What is above

is about WiFi acoustics, what role does the WiFi sound, hope to help you!

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