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What is a USB wireless network card, USB wireless network card how to use

2018-01-12 11:19:39

what is the USB wireless network card?How do you use the USB wireless network card?Due to some desktops and netbooks internal did not install a wireless network card, but a lot of these users will choose the USB wireless network card to achieve desktop computers as well as the partial without bringing wireless card netbooks.Many users know can buy USB wireless network card to meet the wireless Internet access, but worried not set again, in fact, such worry is not necessary to completely.So, what is the USB wireless network card, USB wireless network card how to do?You finish reading the tutorial will, is very simple.

USB wireless network card: what is a USB card directly on the computer USB interface, and high power wireless card is different, is not the same, but it can increase power, belonging to the wireless receiver.A built-in ralink 3070 chip as the core of network adapter, connect the computer USB interface, automatic search near a large area of wireless network, cooperate with malware, forcibly "Sharing "Wireless network "Wireless network card ", to realize the free wireless Internet access.

USB wireless network card is different from common ordinary card, USB wireless network card is often high sensitivity with low radiation ralink 3070 chip, expensive, at the same time equipped with password cracking software.It is essentially a kind of wireless network card core device, a better searching network capacity, equipped with BT7 hacker software, free Internet access someone else's wireless network, as long as there is cable broadband, nearby basic will have wireless network.

ordinary users of wireless network password is simpler, BT7 hacker software in a few minutes can be a key to crack.In general, the USB wireless network card users download if not big flow, it's not easy to be aware of the real users.Actually, legal broadband users logged in as long as the wireless router, you can see if anyone was ceng net, and through the MAC address filtering, limit, can take each other "Play "Go.How do you use the

usb wireless network card?

first of all, we go to buy a USB wireless network card products, generally there is a cable, an antenna, USB wireless network card and a CD.The diagram below, the following is to buy the USB wireless network card product packaging:


USB wireless network card is on the market is a common USB wireless network card, use method is very simple, first install the wireless network card antenna with a USB cable to the wireless network card, then we will be a USB cable to connect to the other end on the back of the USB interface to the PC host, after open a computer, this time under the desktop has a horn tip will find new equipment, we need to install the driver, we according to the prompt to open the unknown device, the next is to install wireless network card driver, driver installation is very simple, insert the CD into the computer cd-rom, then open the cd-rom can automatically install wireless network card driver.

if no optical drive and don't have to worry about your computer, in the look at the USB wireless network card product name and model, to download the corresponding driver can be installed on their own.If you are a newbie, it is suggested that install the driver elves, let the software automatic testing wireless network card equipment can be installed automatically matching.Computer can see the wireless network card, after the Angle will appear under the wireless network card icon, double-click to open, the following graph:

correctly installed the USB wireless network card more than

to introduce the wireless card with notebook with wireless network card working principle is the same, so it can realize the desktop computers have the similar function, then I can accept the wireless router or WIFI network to provide wireless signals, can be connected to the wireless Internet.

there is also a USB wireless network card, which are frequently used at present, there are several types are provided, telecom, unicom, or mobile belongs to directly insert the type of wireless network card on the Internet can be realized.Such wireless card look like U disk, as follows:

USB wireless network card

such wireless card belongs to the terminal product appearance, simply insert the computer wireless network card can be realized, but inside to insert a similar to the mobile phone card, similar to a mobile wireless Internet access, but these are the 3 g technology, as long as there is signal can be anywhere on the Internet, according to the same networks (telecom, mobile, unicom) fees and Internet speed in different, generally reached the highest at present China unicom 3 g, highest can enjoy 7 m, but this kind of wireless Internet most is hours or monthly fee, the price is very expensive, different networks, the method of use is different.Use general chamber of commerce network detailed tell you, but more about here.

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