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What is a load balancer, load balancer what is the role

2018-01-15 12:06:04

with the emergence of the network, people began to use a variety of intelligent device for all kinds of spirit to enjoy, but in the face of huge data flow, each site access is very concentrated, so that the web server become very crowded, slowly.In the face of web server precarious situation, related researchers invented the load balancer for this phenomenon, so the load balancer what role?Then let us know about the problem of load balancer together!What load balancer is


as the name implies, the load balancer to mainly high-end technology, load balancing technology, it can take advantage of the technology for a variety of flexible allocation of computing will all evenly distributed to other servers, network request by reasonable management of online data traffic every day to ease the burden on a single server that visitors enjoy to achieve the best Internet experience.Load balancer form


in the form of load balancer is varied, in addition to simply as the load balancer, some load balancers can also be placed in switching equipment between web server and the Internet, while the load balancer and utilization of the functional integration network adapter to the PC.

the function of the load balancer

. The load balancer has the function of service consistency load balancer by reading the information within the request by the client, rewrite the header program and then sends a request to the appropriate server, the server will maintain the client information.In HTTP communication, the function of the load balancer to provide service consistency have very good play, but no way to provide the service is very safe.But if the message is encrypted, the load balancer will not be able to read the hidden information.

2. When a node in the cluster service cannot successfully processed the request, the request will be sent to the other nodes, after the request is successful sent to another node, the node of the requested information will automatically disappear.

3. Because of all the client requests will be first through the load balancer, so the load balancer has the function of statistical measurement by using the function of the load balancer can accurate statistics out of each stage of various traffic flow and the number of each project, etc., thus network can adjust the system performance.Load balancer used


for each core network data traffic is growing rapidly, a single device simply can not bear, so in order to strengthen processing capacity, and at the same time in order to improve resource utilization, now many companies are taking the load balancing technology, simple and quick, for their own enterprises to lose a lot of unnecessary trouble.

the future of the load balancer

times the speed of development we see, who can guess to get things in the future?But as more and more high-end science and technology, network data must be on the rise, so the load balancer must have been critical in the future life a device!

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