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What is a wireless camera?

2018-01-11 14:15:04

wireless camera is a professional all-in-one and secretly recorded video transmission system, video camera products long life, design life ten years in small size, 1.5 cm×1.5 cm×1.5 cm;The application of simple installation, with 12 v dc transformer., power supply is connected directly to pick up the TV sound, video input can display images and sounds.The product output ordinary PAL TV system signals, a built-in electronic automatic photosensitive device, provide automatic compensation function, light, small power consumption, the image blur and trailing phenomenon;More can be used with different lenses.This product belongs to the new high-tech products, will soon be popular in the market.

wireless camera is to embed the wireless receiver of new network camera surveillance cameras.It USES WIFI channel, in line with the IEEE 802.11 B/G standard protocol.WIFI is composed of the AP (Access Point) and wireless network card of the wireless network.AP generally referred to as a network bridge or access point, it is a traditional wired LAN and wireless LAN bridge between, so any a PC must be equipped with wireless network card to share wired local area network through the AP even wide-area network resources, its working principle is equivalent to a built-in wireless transmitter HUB or routing, and wireless network card is responsible for receiving the CLIENT end of the transmitting device by AP.With the AP, as general cable network switches or routers, wireless workstations are connected to the network can quickly and easily.

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