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What is bandwidth?

2018-02-13 16:15:11

what is bandwidth

bandwidth (band width), also called the bandwidth, refers to the fixed time can transfer the amount of material, that is, in the ability to transfer data in transmission pipeline.In digital equipment, the bandwidth is usually expressed as a BPS, namely per second transmission of digits.In simulation equipment, bandwidth usually transfer cycles per second or Hertz (Hz).

"Bandwidth "In a computer has the following two different meaning:

said the band width

signal bandwidth refers to the signal contains the frequency range occupied by the different frequency components.Bandwidth is especially important for basic I/o system (BIOS) equipment, such as fast disk drives are low frequency width of the bus.

indicates the ability of communication lines can transmit data of

in unit time from one point to another point in the network can through "The highest data rate ".For the concept of bandwidth, compare the image of a metaphor is a highway.Per unit time can transport on the amount of data, commonly used is the unit of BPS (bit per second).The bandwidth of the computer network is refers to the network through the highest data rate, that is how many bits per second.

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