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What is dns

2018-01-12 09:51:29

what is the DNS?

for DNS a lot of people are not understand what that means, in fact, DNS is the abbreviation of domain name service, its role in simple terms, can be understood as: translate domain names into IP addresses, introduce what is DNS in detail below.

what is the DNS?DNS is what mean?

the Internet, or server, is don't understand the domain name, they only understand an IP address, DNS is a translation, the server can't understand the language translation into a language they understand, so the user input the domain name in the browser, through the DNS server can know which website user request, then the corresponding content returned to the user.

you can see the DNS as your mobile phone in the address book, some of the contacts, names corresponding cell phone number and other contact information,When you want to call someone, enter the name of the person in the address book, as if you input domain url in the browser, and then retrieve the contacts to the name you entered, and then return the man's phone number, change the DNS, DNS will you input the url of the corresponding IP address, then the IP address back to the server, so as to help users to access web content;

what is the DNS?How the DNS Settings?In

set the IP address of the native

"The control panel →The network connection →Local connection →Right-click properties →Internet protocol (TCP/IP) →Property →Use the following IP address ",

1, if the machine IP address has been set up, then "IP address "The contents of the column is the machine IP address.

2, if the machine IP address has not been set up, in "IP address "Column fill in "Throughout &;;"Subnet mask "Column fill in "Throughout &;;"The default gateway "And "The preferred DNS server "All fill in the IP address of the unit, i.e., " ".More than

is a simple introduction about what DNS is, through the introduction of this paper hope you have a simple knowledge of DNS.

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