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What is ip address

2018-01-15 17:52:05

what is the IP address?Said today the friend ask me that question, always don't know what, only know that the computer Internet IP address.Below is to introduce what is the IP address?

what is the IP address?

we usually say the IP address of the majority is to point to the Internet in the IP address of the connected to the Internet, we know that every computer connected to the Internet will be assigned an IP, IP address is provided by networks, according to its address can also know you general bearing, for example, we in anhui hefei area, then pull affirmation in shenzhen area IP network IP address, similar to the mobile phone, number is different, different places but can query to the general orientation.

so-called refers to give each IP address is connected to the Internet computer host assigned a 32 bit address, according to the regulations of the TCP/IP protocol, IP address, in binary 32 bit, each IP address bits into bytes, is 4 bytes.For example a USES the IP address of the binary form is "Throughout 00001010000000000000000000000001 &;, such a long address, people deal with it is too difficult.In order to facilitate the use of people, IP addresses are often written in a decimal form, the intermediate use symbols ". Throughout the &;Separate different byte.Hence, the IP address of the above can be expressed as " ".This representation of the IP address is called "Dotted decimal notation ", it is certainly more than 1 s and 0 s much easier to remember, but the computer internal data processor only supports binary, that is to say, only can identify the 0 s and 1 s, so we see the IP address is the result of computer in view when converted to a decimal.Of more than

May introduce what is the IP address may not be so good to understand, popular said address IP address is like a family, every household has a address a house number, only in this way can we better to reach, so IP address region characteristics and uniqueness, so for the global computer network, each network IP addresses are actually different, depends on networks to provide the IP address.

what is the IP address?After watching the above introduction, we should be to there is a new understanding of what is the IP address.Actually the IP address of the reason a lot of knowledge, including the address allocation, address types and categories and so on, long a lot of, but for most users, you just need to understand the basic knowledge.

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