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What is ip switch, ip switch prices 【Details】

2018-01-12 17:10:16

when you get to the Internet must connect cable socket, but in most cases will only have a socket to a room, when we need to get a few computer to surf the Internet at the same time do?You might say in a router, but in many computers connected under the condition of a wifi hotspot at the same time, the speed will be affected by a lot of, here small make up is to introduce a negligible influence on speed method ——Using IP switch line.

a, what is the IP switch?

IP switch is essentially a kind of line, he USES its own electronic components will be connected to the computer itself are divided into different IP section, in this case, the main line will think after connected to the computer is not in the same IP address, which provide independently to each computer network services, reached the purpose of, that is to say, this is known as IP switch.

2, the working principle of switch

first in every computer connected to the IP switches, exchange opportunities in internal processing these network port, it can be divided into extreme different IP address, and then meet in the network, IP exchange opportunities directly to the main line of the signal spread into the computer, so you can make a lot of people using the Internet at the same time.

three, use IP switches impact speeds at the same time surfing the Internet?

actually we buy bandwidth is generally less than the limit of the telecom business gives us access to the Internet bandwidth, because of that, when we will be after the network cable to a few users in general also won't feel speed significantly slower.But if your cable or copper wire, when people around you are in the download file, do feel speed some slow, this is inevitable.

four, other functions of IP switch?

switches, of course, is not just a line function, high-end switches also can serve as security guards of the enterprise.High-end network switches can be connected to a computer for real-time monitoring of web access and traffic usage, even what web page and what software to take up the traffic can see clearly.Also can use the network IP switches for safety secrecy, due to exchange opportunities to connect all the computers together, so you can lock all connected to the computer IP address, internal external IP can't through the Internet, put an end to all the problems of information disclosure.

what is the optical fiber IP switch?

optical switch in addition to the IP address block, also converts light signals in optical fiber in the copper wire analog signals for computer use.Optical switch is one of the most important power of photoelectric conversion and light sensitivity, everybody is the choose and buy must try to choose the two higher product.What is the price of

6, IP switches?The price of

IP switch type very much, dormitory, family with small switches mostly concentrated in the 40 yuan.The Internet bar, small companies use large IP switch is focused on the price 2000 yuan.Contains the security features of large switch the price is in 3000 yuan to 4000 yuan.Small fiber IP switch the price is in 100 yuan, big is in 1000 yuan.

good, about IP switch is introduced here, don't know if you have more understanding of the this product?If you have need, may wish to try immediately bought a result!

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