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What is modem, the difference between a modem and a router

2018-01-03 12:16:37

modem is we often say The cat ", it is the indispensable thing when computer networking, often because of the router and "The cat "As they are used together, a lot of people confuse together, don't know what is the difference between modem and router, in fact, modem and router is completely different, today, small make up for you in detail what is a modem?What is the difference between the modem and router, I hope you understand carefully.What's modem


the Chinese name of the modem is a modem, because pronunciation with The cat "Like, and image by people called The cat ".Modem belongs to the computer hardware equipment, the main function is to realize the signal conversion, signal transmission, modem play to the role of the modulation, using the sender converts digital signals to analog signals, when the signal is received, the modem will play to the role of the demodulation, the analog signal is converted to digital signal, through a modem, can realize the communication between two computers.What are the differences between modem and router



different modem is a necessary equipment of computer networking, a dial-up modem computer can, and the router is a way to help multiple computers share a network device, with the help of the router, several computers can be in the same Internet line access to the Internet, however, necessary equipment of the router is not the Internet, without a router, the computer can still connected to the Internet through modem.


because of the role of different connection mode, the connection way of both is different also, modem connection at the end of the telephone line, a connect computer or router, the router, a connection of modem at the other end can connect the computer, directly through the router connected to the telephone line cannot be realized and computer networking.

3, the appearance of different

modem is unitary, shape like a pianpian rectangle box, very small, and the shape of the router is varied, has the shape of a cuboid, oval, overall than modem volume, and the wireless router with a different number of antenna device.

4, different port

don't have the same shape and quantity of the two port, modem port only two commonly, a connection telephone line and a connection cable, but the mouth of the router is more many, usually there are five, with a modem connection, the rest can be arbitrarily connected to one or more computers.

to sum up, there are essential differences between modem and routers, these differences by observing or repeated practice can be found and master, but for many beginners, is not easy to distinguish between modem and routers, therefore, appear on the market for a device that will both together, that is as long as the device is connected to the telephone and computer, it can play a role of modem and the router at the same time, the appearance of the device is quite similar with routers, port Settings and the connection method is also similar, you might as well try.

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