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What is storage capacity and how to manage overall capacity

2018-01-09 12:15:58

in more and more modern, more and more the fast pace of real life, all kinds of electronic products has become the indispensable part of People's Daily life.We are learning, life, work, entertainment, such as interpersonal activity is bound to use the computer.However, when computers caton case, we tend to become anxiety, irritability, work and study efficiency will be reduced because of this, so we should how to avoid this situation?This requires the storage capacity of scientific management.

what is the storage capacity of

storage capacity refers to the computer's memory can accommodate the binary information, all the information on the Internet is the most basic unit (bit), every eight bits (bit) to form a bytes (byte), byte shorthand for B.A byte is what concept?A letter takes up one byte, which is eight, a Chinese character are two bytes., of course, we often use the storage capacity of the unit and KB, MB, GB, TB and so on, I believe you the conversion relation between these units is very clear, I will not go into

delete the useless junk files,

in the process of we use a computer, some software or files after used, if no longer needed, you should delete, such as finished watching the movie, the used document.To prevent the accumulation of junk files to make the computer run slower.There is a disk defragmentation on a regular basis, the detailed process is as follows: click Start "Options, with the mouse pointing All the procedures ", and then pointed to The attachment "And then in System tools "Select Disk defragmenter ", select C drive, click Defragmentation "In the display Clean up the complete "After point Shut down ".According to the above method, respectively, to clean up the rest of the disk.This computer speed will be faster.

virtual memory technology is a reasonable setting virtual memory use disk space as memory, which will allow us to use more memory, that how to reasonably set up virtual memory?First of all, open "The control panel "To find System "Options, click Senior "The & in the otherPerformance "Set up, in the pop-up dialog box to choose Senior "Under Virtual memory "In Custom size "Fill in the appropriate value, what is appropriate numerical, is refers to between 1.5 to 3 times of physical memory.Set up after the speed of the computer will be faster.


how to do comprehensive capacity management server environment, can improve the resource utilization of tools are generally virtualization products, mainly from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft.To improve resource utilization in the storage and backup tool is generally can provide thin provisioning, new storage system, hierarchical data, or can provide compression performance, data deduplication or archive the optimization of the product.

through the backup platform, the company is concerned with disk media continues to cost and the cost of the tape we need storage.In addition, since the introduction of disk backup administrator also focus on another storage area.Finally, the backup monitor confirmed that they protect the environment, especially to protect the virtual server environment.Challenge to effectively handle all the backup capacity, find out how they affect storage, virtualization platform, it is also a critical deliverable capacity management in an all-round way.

if it were not for the tool, the default reaction is to buy more of the limited resources.The consequence of this is need to buy more additional hardware, in many cases, including servers and storage, along with the impact of the IT staff.Because they have to for a potential outage situation to implement new solutions, migration resource planning.

in addition to balance resources, capacity planning tool also allows the balance of the available storage or process capability.In planning the storage capacity, especially a challenge.Because have spent a lot of time in the first, ran out of disk space, in the aspect of storage performance to maximize it takes the same time, to ensure that the work can be used to it the required technical performance.It allows some storage volume down lower to a higher capacity system, can even allow some volume to upgrade to a higher performance of the system.

for the processor resource utilization is the same.Real-time monitoring of all these server load, data collection, allows administrators to identify a particular application.These applications can be moved to a faster or less limited resources of the virtual host, and to benefit from it.

even backup process have performance requirements.Application of comprehensive capacity management tool to see whether you need in different disk backup target or tape to rebalance on target selection.In addition, it also allows you to predict what time from the perspective of performance needs an additional disk or tape backups.

in the end, the comprehensive capacity management tools can help storage, backup server and integration.Some of these tools can be real-time capture server and storage data about not be integrated.These servers can according to their ability to virtualization and even analog load impact on the target host to ranking.These can be achieved in the process of actual migration to minish the influence to the minimum.

by the introduction of the above do you think your computer has been already saved?Why not try it according to the above methods, scientific storage management, let your computer to fly!

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