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What is the RJ45 interface

2018-01-04 12:09:23

rj45 interface is typically used for data transmission, the most common application interfaces for the network card.

rj45 is a type of various joint;RJ45 head according to the different method of line sorting has two kinds, one is orange, white, orange, green and white, blue, blue and white, green, brown, white, brown;The other is a green and white, green, orange, white, blue white, blue, orange, brown, white, brown;So using RJ45 connector line also has two kinds: direct line, cross line.Type

RJ45 network card interface,

10, 100 base tx RJ45 interface is a common Ethernet interface, support adaptive network connection speed of 10 million and 100 million, common RJ45 interface has two kinds: used in Ethernet network card, router Ethernet interface and other DTE type, and the DCE types used in switches, etc.DTE we can call & amp;otherData terminal equipment ", we can call " DCEData communication equipment ".In a sense, DTE device called Active communication equipment ", the DCE device called Passive communication equipment ".When two types of devices using RJ45 interface connection, you must use a crossover cable connection.Type

type rj45 cable plug

rj45 cable plug is also called crystal head, a total of eight core, widely used in LAN and ADSL broadband Internet access between the user's network equipment cable (called 5 kinds of line or twisted pair) connection.

rj45 and RJ11 difference between different standards, different size.Due to the size of the two different (RJ11 for 4 or 6 pins, RJ45 to 8 pin connection devices), apparently RJ45 plugs can't insert RJ11 socket.But, in turn, are available in the physical (RJ11 plugs is smaller than RJ45 socket), which let people mistakenly assume that both should or can work together.In fact not the case.It is strongly recommended that don't use RJ11 plugs for RJ45 socket.

for RJ11 is not international standard, its size, insert, insert the Angle, and so on is not regulated in accordance with the international standard connectors design requirements, so you can't ensure interoperability.They even caused the damage.Because the RJ11 plugs is smaller than RJ45 socket, plug on both sides of the plastic parts will be damaged metal needle inserted jack.

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