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What is the ROM of a new millet router? What's the memory?

2018-01-08 11:53:17
How much is the new router ROM

millet millet new router ROM is 512 m SLC Nand Flash.

how much is the new router's ROM for millet, millet new router USES is from broadcom BCM4709 1 GHZ dual-core processor, 256 MB of memory built-in DDR3 memory and a 2.5 -inch SATA 1 TB hard disk, with a 2 x2 dual-band antenna support ac specification 802.11, and 2.4/5 GHZ dual-band wi-fi (maximum transmission rate of 300 MBPS of the former, the latter is 866 megabits per second), provides three gigabit network interfaces, one for the WAN port, two for the LAN port, in addition also provides a USB 2.0 interface, can be an external devices such as mobile hard disk.

millet new router adopted is based on the depth of OpenWRT custom "Miwifi”Operating system (like beautiful MIUI update once a week), boasts more than 100 improvements.Provided through walls, standards, and three models of energy conservation and the user can adjust themselves.

\u007F system was built in security center, can provide comprehensive security protection, including a ban on model device access, unfamiliar equipment access immediately remind, etc.It is worth mentioning, millet new router support thunderbolt high-speed download, has worked with sogou, provide web pre-accelerated service for millet new routing, page speed 1 times faster.

millet new router memory: how much is

millet new router memory is 256 MB DDR3-256.

millet new router signal well not only, still can take the initiative to speed up common applications.Page speed function, and can predict the next to see the page, loaded in advance, see the web faster.Built-in thunder cloud acceleration, can download more quickly.In order to fundamentally solve the network speed is slow, but also provide function of broadband speed, high bandwidth in the home can be 10 times faster.

millet new router using PCB array antenna, the antenna core consists of circuit board, has four antenna unit, design precision up to 0.02 mm.PCB antenna array in the dual-band performance enhancements, 2.4 GHz highest gain 4 class: : dbi, 5 GHz to 6 dbi, at two frequencies are better than the general antenna signal gain.How much is the ROM

millet new router problem summary.Millet new router has intelligent signal tracking technology of millet router went a step further, it is based on beam forming Beamforming technology, can detect 802.11 ac equipment such as mobile phone location in the network environment, and focuses the WiFi signal to a specific direction, cell phone, laptop, to obtain more stable networking equipment such as high speed WiFi signal.

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