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What is the back door of a router and how to avoid the risk of the back door of the router

2018-01-09 09:38:18
The back door, more than

router vendor products may result in personal information leakage.Kind of wonder, the router how can spill my information?How it work?

over the weekend, according to the national Internet emergency center (many) released figures showing that D - LINK, Cisco (Cisco, Linksys, Netgear, Tenda back door, and router products, hackers can directly control the router, further initiate DNS hijacking, steal information, such as phishing attacks, a direct threat to the user online trading and data storage security, makes the safety of the related products become available to detonate Mines ".

what is the router back door?

the back door is generally programmers in the development software, casual or in order to achieve a particular purpose, embedded in the software program is not known to outsiders.If cracked the backdoor, hackers can bypass the security mechanisms of an software direct access control permissions.The back door of the

router is refers to the manufacturer's product development process, usually in order to test, debug, convenience in the future, reserve the Direct control over ".If hackers detected by the back door, and to break off, will get administrator privileges, can be directly to the remote control of the router, all protective measures as dummy, that is to say, your router is Hijack ".

on average, most manufacturers set up the router back door, there is no malicious, more is to facilitate the related technical personnel for remote debugging.

hackers how to use the router back door?

in simple terms, a router as computers, mobile phones and the outside network "Connection throughout central &;, user pay e-currency account, password, etc, will be transmitted through it.When your wireless router is controlled, the hackers will have a chance to get your network activity information, personal information leakage caused by network.

from the perspective of the process of the hacker attacks, the router by hackers through the back door control, hackers can be modified by the user's DNS, the user access to normal request direction of malicious hackers do website.

for example, A popular e-commerce sites is the IP address of the original, and hackers make the IP address of the router to return to A site for, this is A malicious hackers make site.Hackers can make one and the same website, induces the user to enter the payment password, so that hackers can get the user online accounts, passwords, etc., in addition, the hacker may also directly to the user pop-up ads, yellow website, etc., to benefit from it.

how users should try to avoid the router on the risks of the back door?

for ordinary users, the router may be difficult to find the back door when controlled by hackers and wise way is, try to avoid buying has exposed the existence of the back door of the router.In addition,

vendors regularly for software upgrade of the router, some have already been found a loophole in the patch, which may contain previously controlled by hackers backdoor, therefore, users must upgrade in a timely manner.Article

in addition to this, to tell you a few tips how to protect the safety of the router:

1, in setting up home router wireless password, choose connected way, and the more complex, the password hackers decode difficulty will be high.

2, the router management page login account and password, do not use the default admin, can be changed to letters and Numbers of high-intensity password.In

3, equipment installation has the protective function of ARP LAN security software, to prevent hackers hijacked ceng net.

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