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What is the cat? What is the difference between a cat and a common cat?

2018-01-02 15:10:26

at many family friends still mainly cats dial-up Internet access is given priority to, for the cat (Modem) everyone not unfamiliar, but today some netizens in the Pepsi nets QQ group complained, home new fiber need to purchase a light cat, particularly expensive, a light cat 200 multivariate, former general cat is installed broadband free of charge, feel very puzzled, ask you what is the difference between light and ordinary cat cat?About light

cats this problem, many are new group of friends said, only know that a cat, cat light really seldom heard of, so also are all very want to know, believe to this problem, don't understand computer enthusiasts is not in the minority.What is here to share it with a light cat, cat and commonly used ordinary cat before and what's the difference?Take a look at below.

what is light cat

baidu encyclopedia on professional is defined as such: the so-called light cat, is refers to the optical Ethernet signal is transformed into other agreement signal to send and receive equipment.Cat is the light of modem commonly known as, has the function of modem.Cat also known as single port optical transceiver, light is designed for special user environment product, it USES a pair of optical fiber for single E1 or single v. 35 or single 10 baset point to point optical transmission terminal equipment.The device as a network of relay transmission equipment, applicable to the base station of the optical fiber terminal transmission equipment and leased line equipment.

professional concept is not easy to understand, popular point said, light cat is optical network with the cat, if a single fiber directly to the user home to run the cat to receive.This is similar to the household cats we are still in use today, more than ordinary cat, namely with the telephone network, dial-up Internet access, compared with the fiber optic network will send a lot of speed.With

now in recent years, to speed up the national network coverage and network, many cities will use optical networks, such as Shanghai will be 32 m home broadband network in recent years, the used here is optical fiber, than most is to use the telephone lines such as 2 m or 4 m broadband speed is much faster, can say, cat is the mainstream of the future, because today is gradually to improve the network environment, optical fiber high-speed network will gradually popularization, replace the existing ordinary telephone dial-up Internet connection.

the difference between light and ordinary cat cat

what's the difference between light and ordinary cat cat, in fact you also will be very easy to think of, ordinary cat may not be able to meet the demand of optical fiber network quality, actually mean the same.Is optical broadband optical fiber door, you need to use the light cat dial-up Internet access, similar to ordinary cat, but in terms of technology, general cat belongs to the telephone line access, and the light cat is specialized in optical fiber access, both different interface protocols, so light cat with normal cats have essential differences, not both.

home users of optical fiber is not much at present, community broadband and enterprises in this way more fiber to share Internet connection.But in the future will be increasingly popular to every family, everyone would know something, I hope this article can help computer enthusiasts know computer knowledge.

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