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What is the crystal head needs and connection, crystal head alignment and connection [Graphic]

2018-01-10 13:14:18

along with the development of the Internet, Intranet can say more and more widely applied, and personnel engaged in the network will have to do first thing in the Internet, how to do Internet cable is what must be, requires that you must be here for cable connection and crystal line sequence is very clear, as long as a line not connected or cannot fault network unicom, so today to talk about how to do network and crystal line order.

: a, preparing tools to do cable Internet tool, first of all must be prepared to do here is required for the cable clamp 】 【, of course, if you do string is very much the best there is also a professional 】 【 stripping the knife, in order to detect network cable is not correct, we do the best and a "tester", of course, also have the crystal head] and [network], with these basic,

second, RJ45 cable connection and line sequence:

we use most frequently is RJ45 head at ordinary times, our cable there are 8 lines, the most commonly used criteria are: TIA/EAI 568 b, the following the way of cable wiring sequence, we usually use the most commonly is under the line, also is the computer and the router connection, both ends are the same, only in two computers directly connected crossing method may be used.

1, direct line: (suitable for computers and routers, dial switches, cats)

is both white and orange, orange, white, green, blue, white and blue, green, white, brown, brown

here to give you a easy way, orange, green, blue, brown, orange, green and blue 46 exchange

is a standard order brown (white orange, orange, white, green, green, white and blue, blue, white, brown, brown), and 4, 6 (green and blue) to exchange, remember?

2, the crossover connection, a 568 a 568 b (for computers and computer)

568 a standard: green and white, green, orange, white, blue, blue, white, orange, brown, white, brown

568 b standard: orange, white, orange, green and white, blue, blue and white, green, brown, white, brown (this) is commonly used in

third, 100 base - T4 RJ - 45 of twisted-pair cable connection rules

1, 2 to send, 3, 6, used to receive, 4, 5, 7, 8 is bi-directional line.

1, 2 line must be twisted, 3, 6 twisted-pair, 4, 5, twisted, 7, 8 twisted-pair.


crystal head is a kind of can insert along a fixed direction and automatically to prevent loss of plastic joint, commonly known as "Crystal head ", in the jargon of RJ - 45 connector (RJ - 45 is a kind of network interface specification, similar and RJ - 11 interface, is our common used "The telephone interface ", used to connect the telephone line).As they call it "Crystal head ", because of its appearance were shining brilliantly.Crystal head is suitable for the level of equipment or subsystem of the termination, the shell material with high density polyethylene.Each of the twisted pair at both ends by installing crystal head connected with CARDS and hub (or switch).

crystal head identification:


famous brand product on the plastic shell has the manufacturer's labeling.


good product transparency were shining brilliantly, but now the fake products is also very transparent;

3. The plastic cable clamp down

poor plasticity of crystal head fracture occur the phenomenon such as;

4. The shrapnel elastic

good quality crystal head fingers touch shrapnel will hear the sound of the clank, will promptly upon forward to 90 degrees, shell is not broken, and will recover and elastic won't change!Insert of crystal head line equipment or network adapter in time can hear clear "Cut "The noise of the;

recently, also appeared a kind of metal shrapnel crystal head, the shell can be sealed, separately, to solve the plastic shell easy fracture or lose elasticity problem


authentic packaging packaging should be color box packaging, suggest to buy when the preferred colour in a box.

6. The copper color

authentic crystal head copper color dark yellow, thick, fake copper color is light yellow, metal contact slice is thin, and internal copper will appear when line pressing pressure and asymmetric phenomenon.Above

is about how to do network cable, cable connection and crystal line order, actually very simple, if you want to use the devices such as switches, routers, by using the direct method, do the same on both ends - 568 B standard is used to do, remember that the orange, green, blue, brown, 46 exchange] is ok, if it is 2 PCS, not through any equipment directly connected with the crossover at one end the other end to do B.That is about the content of the crystal head line sequence, hope can help to you!

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