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What is the difference between a hub and a router, a distinction between hub and router

2018-01-03 13:31:00

hub to hub, it is our past in the local area network (LAN) equipment in a circuit connection.But now the HUB may be most of the young people will feel more strange, because the HUB of the production history is a very long time, now there are a lot of new equipment to replace it.Everybody is familiar with, and filed a router in this era of everywhere covered with wireless network signal, the router is also widely used.Let's take a look at what are the difference between the HUB and router.The brief introduction of the

HUB and router HUB is a multiport repeater, when to HUB for center equipment, even if a certain line produced a fault in the network, also does not affect other lines of work, so the HUB has been widely used in the local area network (LAN).Router is connected to the Internet in each LAN and wan equipment, it will automatically according to the situation of channel selection and set routing, with the best path, according to the sequence signal.

what is the difference between a hub and a router

hub belongs to the OSI architecture of OSI layer 1 devices, the physical and router belongs to the second floor of the OSI data link layer device.Also means that the hub is only for data transmission have the effect of synchronization, amplification and plastic, short frame of data transmission, debris and other cannot effectively deal with, can't guarantee the completeness and correctness of data transmission;And router not only can make it to the data transmission synchronization, amplification and plastic, and can filter the short frame, debris, etc.

works of the difference between a hub and a router

hub is a kind of broadcasting mode, meaning that the hub port work, all the other ports are able to hear the information, easy to produce the broadcast storm, when the network is larger network performance will be affected by a lot of.And routers can avoid this kind of phenomenon, when a router work, only request corresponding between port and destination port without affecting the other port, so the router can isolate conflict and disease effectively inhibit the generation of broadcast storm.The bandwidth of the difference between a hub and a router number

hub port, no matter how many all ports are altogether to a bandwidth, at the same time there can only be two ports transmit data to other ports can only wait for, at the same time a hub can only work in half duplex mode;For router, each port has an exclusive bandwidth, when two ports work does not affect the work of other port, at the same time, the router can not only work in half duplex mode and can work in full duplex mode.Through the above content we can easy to understand for

the role of the HUB is single, it can only put some simply connected to the machine, but not separate to control each circuit.But, by contrast, a router function circuit was more abundant, it not only can achieve information filtering and synchronization output circuit, also can effectively shield the information generated in the process of transportation some interference.It's no wonder that fewer and fewer people now use the HUB, believe that with the continuous development of the intelligent electronic technology in the future, there will be more convenient and efficient network electronic equipment for our use.

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