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What is the difference between fiber optic broadband and ordinary broadband

2018-01-08 09:43:01
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with the coming of information age, the Internet has become part of people's life.With the constant innovation of technology, for the media of network signal by the start of the common broadband to the later, the optical fiber broadband optical fiber broadband and what is the difference between ordinary broadband, let below small make up take you to find out together.

optical fiber broadband and the difference between ordinary broadband

ordinary broadband is usually made of copper phone line, but use telephone line to transfer network signal, its speed is slow.By contrast, the speed of the optical fiber transmission signal is much more quickly.

then the optical fiber broadband and the difference between what is ordinary broadband?Due to the optical fiber broadband is not yet popular, so a lot of people are not very understand it,

ADSL technology is a technology, access to the Internet ADSL as it has the features such as asymmetric digital.It is also a kind of technology in the transport layer at the same time, can make full use of existing resources of copper wire, on a pair of twisted pair provides up to 640 KBPS down there are 8 MBPS bandwidth, so as to solve the traditional user "Bottleneck "Problems, this also is the realization of broadband access in the true sense.What we call the uplink rate generally refers to the data from your computer to upload speed, not download speed.

and descending rate generally refers to is you from hosts on the network to download speed is

in general, ADSL uplink and downlink rate is not symmetrical, descending rate is generally high!And uplink rate is relatively low.Now is a widespread broadband uplink rate: 386 KB, behavior: under 512 KB!

broadband speed and actual speed there is some difference!General need divided by eight, so the actual speed is only about 50 k or so!

two fiber cable and optical fiber is usually used, a core for the uplink, the other core downward for data transmission.If like to do technical work friends should soon be able to understand.

ordinary broadband and fiber-optic broadband hops also is not the same, in the process of optical fiber transmission, it is no less in the middle of the equipment, the hop count is relatively less, so there is a problem of probability is very low, the transmission speed is higher than that of ordinary broadband, at the same time the price also is higher than ordinary broadband.

the characteristics of the optical fiber broadband

first of all, to pay attention to is, because it is a passive network, so from the bureau to the user, the middle is basically can do passive;

the second point, because it is relatively wide bandwidth, so the use of long distance transmission is in line with the operator way;

the third point, because it is mainly used to carry on optical fiber in the business, so general is no problem;

fourth, because its bandwidth is wide, the supported protocols are also relatively flexible;

the fifth, with the continuous development of technology, its functions are perfect.

fiber-optic broadband opening method of how to connect the computer

fiber-optic broadband:

for new at home users, usually need to telecommunications business hall to apply for opening by optical fiber broadband business, usually there will be a professional network administrator on the door A fiber optic broadband.

fiber-optic broadband hardware connection methods:

in the opening of the case, to ensure the normal optical fiber broadband business we can also through Fiber optic - fiber cat - throughout the router &;Model, to form a local area network (LAN) to realize optical fiber connection computer operation.Specific hardware connection methods: cat is connected to a LAN port will fiber interface and light.As shown, then

will router WAN cat mouth and light (Modem) any front-end ports are linked together.So you can use dial-up connection optical broadband router to achieve automatic operation.

the last PC or laptop via the Internet and wireless routing device connected to a LAN port.At the same time set computer IP allocation to "Dynamic "Can.

fiber-optic broadband software setting methods:

first way to obtain optical fiber broadband Internet access, "Account "And "Password "Relevant information.According to the back of the router The router IP address ", "The user name "And "Password "Information, through the browser into the router back end WEB management interface.After

into the router background management interface, switch to the Advanced Settings "- The Internet Settings "TAB, according to the telecom operators provided by the Internet way, Account "And "Password "Set, in order to realize automatic dialing.

in addition to this, if only one computer in the family, we can directly to the light cat So throughout the &;With Computer "To connect.

when computer cat to connect directly to light, we need to use PC Dial-up connection "Tools to implement and dial-up operation.From the open Dial-up connection "Broadband interface, input user name and password, click Connection "Button automatic dial-up operation can be realized.

of course, in addition to optical fiber broadband, if the user is using a ADSL dial-up Internet access "Or "Residential broadband "Access, you can press the hardware circuit connection as shown.After the completion of the connection, the same Settings on the router operation.Above

is about optical fiber broadband and the difference between ordinary broadband related content, hope can help to you!

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