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What is the difference between i3 and i7 What is the difference between i3 and i7?

2018-01-23 12:31:25
The primary difference between

I3 and i7: I3 dual-core four threads.Does not support theory and frequency.I7 quad-core eight threads, support the right frequency.

1, core i3 is considered to be a core i5 further lite version, there will be 32 nm process version (codename as Clarkdale, Westmere based architecture) this version.

2, core i7 is considered to be a core i5 further extended edition, four nuclear simulation eight core (that is, eight threads) power performance is strong.

main parameters contrast is as follows:

i3 and i7 performance difference?

carefully analyze the. from the specification

by default, the current mainstream desktop SNB/IVB core, I3 2C4T (2 I5, 4 core thread) for 4C4T, I7 for 4C8T. frequency aspects of default gap is the difference zero point two zero point three. So the theory of performance, the overall performance of a little more I7 times higher than I3 (frequency and frequency factor, Rui I3 no turbo automatic overclocking capability and I5/I7), and I5 because no hyper threading technology, so the performance of I7 in low 20-30%. ratio of more than 8 threads in high load conditions

The mainstream of notebook SNB/IVB core, I3 m and I5 m are all 2C4T, the difference is mainly in I5, the main frequency is higher, and also has the sharp frequency.I7 m is the genuine 4C8T, the overall performance is twice higher than the M.

The special case of is the K system of the desktop. It supports random adjustment of frequency doubling (other I5 and I7 can only go up to 4 times). In the case of general 2500K and 2550K overclocking to 4.5GHz, the I5 of this frequency is enough to spike the I7.under the default condition.

Hyper threading technology another advantage of I7 is not easy in the application. 4 threads more than I5 often has no effect, such as in almost every single game. In this case the I7 hyper threading technology becomes a burden, cause single game performance of I7 is not as I5. but sometimes hyper threading technology can play a role in causing huge increase, such as.I5 and I7 tablet rendering and how to choose according to the need of use decision. This is the Intel. positioning strategy

i3 and i7 processors, why the production process is the same, the quality is different

because there is one thing called good rate!

for the first semiconductor production process:

first base material is single crystal silicon, basic is melted polysilicon, threw a seed inside let him crystallization, and then go toward outside, probably just like this (photo) network:

and then cut into pieces, right!Like cutting the sushi!But very thin.As follows (image source network) :

and then, using the method of exposure and etching in the structure of carved out many, like this (photo) network:

and then cut into a piece of a piece of cut off (image source network) :

size to sell to you (image source network) :

but the truth is not so good!Real structure is like this (photo network) :

feel there are a lot of burr?(here the right should be produced is not a perfect cross flat vertical grid) that is to say, the etching process is not perfect, may be some opened the attached to the time, a lot of the time no time to open open place.In particular, according to our intuition so also (in fact), at the edge of the wafer etching quality is relatively poor, the center is better.This is why the chip

finished to do testing.

some small problems, such as a ditch, both sides should be insulated, but ditch carved in the narrow, frequency breakdown the run of a job, so can only run with low frequency.Some whole is broken, can't be used so that a piece of.

do you want to know, i3 and i7 on architecture, are the same, just run the frequency is not the same.Then those who are good test results, encapsulate a high frequency, called i7, bad will encapsulate a low frequency, called i3.

so sometimes if is broken (or frequency is too low, can't endure)?That is part of the core block, another part of the core CPU (four dual-core) can be used to do.

but!There is a twist!

is a percentage of the low-end market.For example a i7, every will sell 10 pieces of i3.But if the rate is high, the high quality too much.But there is always a sales strategy, to high low-end market, so some originally qualified i7 film will be demoted become i3 frequency of the film.

overall, this is why the i7 than i3 to sell your reasons.Yes, the cost of production is the same, there is the production of together!But quality is not the same.

as for some time even if the core quality is very good still will send a frequency or blocked, it's purely commercial strategies & hellip;& hellip;

and now Intel limit overclocking, but amd not limit, so this happens there will be a user forcibly overclocking to high frequency.This is also why often see "Ultra high because of good quality "Such a thing.

more powerful, like the amd's three core processor, is the four core has a bad block.But it's too good, not so much bad core, but not smashed three core of high performance/price ratio, and the brand.One core would bring some good quad-core blocking up three nuclear charge.Then there is the so-called folk "Open nuclear "Is to open the fourth core block.More severe can open the dual core into four core & hellip;& hellip;& hellip;& hellip;Such thing, of course, is to see whether the batch and luck.

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