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What is the difference between intelligent routers and ordinary routers, what is the use of intellig

2018-01-09 12:48:33

intelligent router Recently very fire, and many companies are launching its own intelligent routing.As the name implies, intelligent router is intelligent management of the router.So, smart routers and what are the difference between the ordinary router?What's the use of intelligent router?

a, what is a smart router

professional definition, intelligent router is intelligent management of the router, compared with the ordinary router, its like a personal computer, have an independent operating system, installed by the users themselves can be all kinds of application, to control bandwidth, to control the number of online web surfing, self control, self control online time, at the same time has a strong USB sharing function, truly a router network and equipment of intelligent management of the equipment.

routing, routing, routing, millet fruit shell, as well as 360 wifii products such as dogs, the router market fire, in view of the router market analysis and the discussion of future development is to break out around router.One of the most let ordinary user expectations about wireless router + smart home think of the combination.

the difference between the two, intelligent router and ordinary router

1, intelligent router set more convenient

ordinary router Settings are often more complex, first need with the aid of computer, the setup and then login interface, the router management went in online account information to fill in, and then complete the set.

more simple, practical and smart router can be done through the computer configuration for the first time, not only can be controlled by smartphones, tablets, complete set of equipment, this for friends without computers, network cable, with the help of smart phone devices can be completed, and setup steps more concise, a key to support operation.

2, intelligent router has strong expansibility

ordinary router extensibility is very limited, can't install the application, not additional hard disk storage devices, such as intelligent router that can install third-party applications, more abundant functions;

3, intelligent router for more mobile early

the most ordinary router is for the computer to the Internet, and for smart phones and other mobile devices are not considered, and as smartphones and tablet computers is becoming more and more popular, intelligent router for mobile intelligent device is more friendly, joint mobile devices launched more features.

actually intelligent routing, is the original some partial geek function (for example to brush the third party firmware of the router, dd-wrt, tomato, penwrt and other commonly used embedded Linux system for routing) to the general public.In addition, some convenient for the user in the intelligent routing can also add more in life, such as acceleration of all kinds of app store, download speed, offline download, and other functions on the user's daily life are closely linked, the more the requirement elements combined with the current mobile Internet.

3, what's the use of intelligent router

intelligent router biggest role is to improve the user experience, compared with the ordinary router Settings is simpler and more convenient to use, in addition to age also enhances the movement function.Intelligent router function mainly reflects in the following aspects:


ordinary routers tend to set the establishment and management more convenient more troublesome, and can only be set in the computer, only mobile phone or a tablet for home users, the initial installation Settings cannot be achieved, the intelligent router is greatly simplifies setting, support a key Settings and control Settings in smart phones and other mobile devices.

2 and more high-speed transmission speed

many intelligent router are now equipped with 2.4 G frequency and double Wifi transfer speed, 5 G frequency due to 11. Ac support 5 G band so trying can rapid transmission of data, can meet the demand of hd movies such as broadband wireless equipment use.

3, intelligent router has a strong ability to scale

intelligent router can be built-in or connected to expand the U disk, mobile hard disk device, can download various video files to offline, in a storage device for smart phones, computers and other devices offline download or watch.For example, we can set up intelligent router download movies at night, and then Shared with the Internet equipment, users can see the video, offline during the day and will not affect the speed of other Internet users.Is more than

small make up to introduce the intelligent router and what's the use of the difference between ordinary routers and intelligent router, hope can help to you.More information about intelligent router, please continue to pay attention.

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