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What is the difference between server and ordinary cpu, cloud server how cpu [Detailed]

2018-01-15 18:14:14

abstract: do you know the server CPU and what is the difference between the average CPU?Intel is now in the production of CPU, Pentium 4, PentiumD, Celeron is geared to the needs of PC, Xeon, Itanium and XeonMP is geared to the needs of workstations and servers.The Itanium is completely different from other CPU 64 - bit CPU, design did not consider for the existing Windows applications.

server CPU and common CPU server CPU 】 【 what's the difference What cloud server CPU

server CPU and what's the difference between ordinary CPU

1, instruction set different

household or employment role computer equipped with general CPU, usually in the form of complex CISC instruction set, the pursuit of instruction set of the lot, try to all sorts of commonly used functions are integrated into the piece, but call speed and shooting server CPU is lower than some.

server CPU instructions are generally adopts RISC (reduced instruction set).The benefits of this design is more targeted, can according to the different requirements in terms of special optimization, efficiency is higher.


different buffer also determines the performance of CPU, because the server CPU on operation performance demand is high, so the server CPU often used the most advanced technology and technology, and equipped with a second level cache, stronger operation ability.Server CPU using the early 3rd level cache.General CPU is using the cache technology in recent years.

3, different interface server CPU and

3 common CPU interface is often different, most of the current server CPU interface for Socket 771, 775, the LGA 2011 Socket, the LGA 1150 compared to the general CPU interface, despite a lot of the same but actually match the motherboard is not the same.Server CPU with the motherboard there is usually no card slot, because the built-in CPU core graphics card can meet the requirements, and the CPU is higher than domestic CPU bus bandwidth.


server stability require different CPU to work stably for a long time, basic it is designed to be can continuous work all the year round.Server CPU compared with CPU are worlds apart in terms of stability and reliability, general server is switched on for 365 days, only occasionally downtime, high requirements for stability.

general CPU is designed according to the 72 hours of continuous work, home computers when not in use, we are used to keep him off, generally every day to turn it off.

5, more interconnected support more than

different connection is a technology of the server, server motherboard can have multiple CPU socket at the same time, for example, can install multiple CPU at the same time, the CPU is multiplex interconnection technology, the technology currently only supports server CPU, ordinary home computer, a motherboard can be installed only one CPU, does not support multiple interconnected.


6, the price is different due to the server CPU for design of high stability, on the materials are generally selects high quality material, and support multiple interconnected and work long hours, and the same performance than ordinary CPU, the price is also higher.In addition, using a large number of the latest high-end server CPU is more advanced technology, the price is more expensive, so the general server CPU price is in one thousand yuan of above, the high-end server CPU is in ten thousand yuan of above, or even hundreds of thousands of.

and general CPU prices usually several hundred to several thousand yuan, the mainstream product price basic in one thousand yuan.How about

cloud server CPU

cloud server is the host of cloud, it is similar to a VPS, differ only in the technical implementation, cloud hosting with VPS, have an independent IP, memory, hard disk, bandwidth, etc., while the processor is the processor sharing of machine tools, VPS is divided on a physical server, cloud hosting is divided on a group of cluster server, and each machine will be a cloud of the cluster host a backup, so coming up from CPU performance contrast, have no fixed standard, basically see CPU parameters, and opened the number of above, if from stability comparison, cloud VPS host stronger, you can choose according to need to go to.

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