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What is the firewall

2018-02-12 15:18:09

The firewall is what's firewall

?A firewall is a made up by software and hardware equipment, between Intranet and extranet, private network and the structure of the interface between public protective barrier, is a kind of Security methods for image, it is a combination of computer hardware and software, set up a Security between the Internet and Intranet Gateway (Security Gateway), so as to protect the Intranet from the invasion of the illegal users, firewall is mainly composed of service access rules, a verification tools, packet filter and application Gateway of four parts.

is a firewall between computer and its network connection by software or hardware.The computer flows in all network communication are going through the firewall.

in the network, the so-called "Firewall "Refers to a kind of the Intranet and public access network (such as the Internet) separate method, it is actually a kind of isolation technology.Firewall is carried out by a when two network communication access control measure, it can allow you "Consent "And enter your network data, at the same time, will you "Don't agree with "And data, maximum limit to prevent the network hackers to access your network.What's firewall

?The most basic function of firewall is the control in computer networks, transmission of data flow between different trust region.Areas such as the Internet is not to be trusted, and internal network is highly trust region.In order to avoid security policy to ban some communication, and the architecture of firewall function is similar.Related:


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