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What is the function of the storage server and the storage server configuration steps

2018-01-03 09:39:27

: the storage server is belong to will carry a lot of special services, including storage management software, additional hardware guarantee high flexibility, RAID configuration types, and ensure that more desktop users and connection of additional functions such as network connection of the server.Here to tell you about the role of the storage server and storage server configuration steps.

storage server storage server role 】

storage server storage server configuration steps the role and function of

1. The file sharing

file sharing (that is, a file server) is the most basic application of network storage.We can in "Online neighbors "Found in network storage devices, and storage utility files in the Shared directory.In addition, some NAS also built-in file server capabilities, we can through the browser to access and manage the files of NAS, and upload and download files with HTTP way, like access software download sites is convenient.

2. The data backup function

nas network storage is another important function of backup.Most of the NAS backup has a variety of functions, including local backup (will backup the data on the computer through the LAN to the NAS), between different backup and NAS backup and so on.Part of NAS backup function also has a key, the USB storage devices (such as flash drive and external hard drive) inserted into the NAS on specific USB interface, click the backup button can make the backup of the files for USB storage devices to the NAS.

3. A network printer to print

network sharing is also the home users commonly used functions, ordinary printer via USB to connect to the NAS network printer on the NAS network storage function, we can jointly use the printer in the local area network (LAN).


as long as the multimedia file sharing photos and videos stored in NAS network in the specified directory of the memory, can through the browser login Web site for viewing of NAS.

5. The media server UPnP AV -

NAS network storage products can be generally function (or streaming function), in the network can be MCE Windows system, Xbox360 and equipment, including the PS3 found that without additional operations can play media files stored in the NAS.The function to the NAS became a media server, for the use of network in various clients.

6. The Web server

NAS network storage also has the function of the Web server, support PHP, ASP program and SQLite, MySQL database, we can use it to build small and medium-sized websites, which is to use it as a Web server, build a personal website.


we can also use the FTP server set up FTP server, NAS network storage for everybody to upload/download files, the vast majority of support FTP download software, so it is convenient to use.


iTunes server we can use the NAS network storage iTunes server setup, let iTunes software and ipods devices such as music and video from the NAS.

9. Dynamic DNS

has the function of dynamic DNS, we can make the NAS network storage of Web services, such as FTP service posted on the Internet, let everybody can access.

10. Download server

10 download part of the network also has a memory function, through the browser or download software in the NAS open HTTP, FTP and BT download task, you can shut down the computer, let the NAS to download.We can also combine dynamic DNS function, in the long distance control NAS network memory via the Internet to download, returned home NAS has finished downloading, more convenient.

storage server configuration steps in the configuration please confirm before video storage server 4200 client and storage server has been installed, both on the computer two ICONS generated when install the software, check the storage server installation, and software iVMS4200 installed in the same directory.Double-click the desktop shortcut icon or into the default installation directory for: the IVM Storage NiVM S S - 4200-4200), open Storage server.In the computer corner shown in the taskbar, said the server to start success.

: the first step of point to point to add, select add equipment such as coding equipment select IP/domain way input address, user name and password (equipment user name and password).

the second step: the storage server, after the commissioning of the equipment management - add device type, select the storage server.After the completion of

add server list will appear the storage server, select the storage server, online equipment inside click on computer P, click add to the client, alias custom, username adm nin password is 12345.Add to complete the storage server, and then click the remote configuration, storage - used to the hard disk is selected, the point of formatting will be pre-allocated computer disk space left, this action will not affect the computer's hard drive the original data, lattice type change is completed, according to clew to restart storage server (this operation cannot be omitted).

the third step control panel, video plan choice to video monitoring points, check the storage server record Like, choose the storage server alias, video template configuration, click save to save the video program.

the fourth step: if there are multiple needs to point to point video (currently a storage server supports a maximum of 64 a) point to click in the top right corner of the copied into, and can be copied to the other, and point to point video and video storage server plans off, need video check point to point, determine the save.

the fifth step: the remote playback, choose, point to point on the calendar table to choose time, if the video is successful, orange triangle in the corresponding date, search to the video, video success.

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