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What is the infrared surveillance camera, infrared surveillance camera introduced 【Graphic】

2018-01-15 10:49:59

we are now living in a high-speed developed a high-tech society.The high-speed development of science and technology developed a series of products of science and technology, they appeared and spread to our life brings a lot of convenient.The convenience is not only the daily life of our everyday, it is also reflected in our personal safety.For example: infrared cameras.But now so many different kinds models on the market, we should how to choose?Small make up bring you today is about 3 infrared surveillance camera models and price performance analysis is introduced.

the first paragraph: hikvision ce16f5p DS - 2 - IT5, market price of 240 yuan.

brand is introduced: HIKVISION (HIKVISION), it is China's famous brand monitoring products.Company since its establishment after years of development, now has been monitoring the famous brand on the market, one of its surveillance cameras each type are in the market have a certain visibility.

performance analysis: the surveillance cameras infrared irradiation range it can be as high as 50-80 meters, is ideal for use in the road and the warehouse.And its performance is stable even in dark environment also can ensure that the image is exquisite and clarity.In addition it also supports ICR infrared filter plate automatic switch, has realized the monitoring day and night.Finally it is cheap, the price is very suitable for bulk purchase.

in the second paragraph: philips B120E / 93, the market price of 1299 yuan.

brand is introduced: PHILIPS (PHILIPS), it is the famous lighting, household appliances and medical system brand.And it itself or royal Dutch brand strength.The company was founded in 1891, after years of development now it is already the international well-known brand, its products in their respective fields are very popular.

performance analysis: this photography head which up to 1280 * 720 pixels, the resolution of this is in the same product should be high.Secondly it is monitored using infrared lamp, and support the conversion of day and night that you can rest assured purchase.Imaging device is using 720 p hd video image sensor, this is the advance equipment, this configuration whether meet your requirements?

the third paragraph: SAMSUNG SCO -


brand is introduced: SAMSUNG (SAMSUNG), it is South Korea's SAMSUNG group, the famous brand of electronic products.The company was founded in 1938, after years of development it is nowadays the international first-class brand of electronics.Company's all kinds of electronic products in their respective areas are very popular.

performance analysis: it USES the infrared lamp monitoring and control system, and support the conversion of day and night.In addition this photography head which has a very strong low illumination adaptability, it has 32 infrared function, 50 meters viewing distance in the dark.And imaging in its level of color can be as high as 600 line, black and white mode can be as high as 700 line.Is more than

small make up today bring about 3 infrared surveillance camera models and price performance analysis is introduced.I believe you see after the introduction, the also have a certain understanding.Then go to start!

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