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What is the meaning of the gateway, the gateway details

2018-01-03 17:00:26

now information network developed, people in the use of computers will inevitably encounter some problems in the process, and for some of the terms used computer, if you are not professional, may be helpless when these problems.Actually gateway has a very simple understanding of train of thought, is that when we moved from one space to another space, is bound to be out of the door or the door right, that is to say, must be through a door, and we say gateway is Throughout this door &;, with small make up to look down.

gateway profile:

refers to a network that is connected to another network Mark ".In the Internet network, the role of the gateway is a kind of connected to the Intranet and Internet other net an intermediate device, popular, also called Routers ".Into the Intranet and Internet network gateway address is can understand the address of a channel of information transmission.According to different classification criteria, the gateway also has a lot of kinds, the gateway in the TCP/IP protocol use frequency is the most commonly used, and in the place of what we talked about The gateway "Are all pointing to the TCP/IP protocol gateways.

deep explanation:

from the essence, the gateway is a network to the IP address of the other network.Such as network, and network b a IP address range for ~ 192. 168.1.244 "And the subnet mask for,Network IP address range for b ~ "Subnet mask for

when there is no router, the two network between them is not a TCP/IP communication function, even two network connection together in the same switch or hub, TCP/IP protocol at the same time also can according to the subnet mask ( for determining the two hosts in the network is in the different network.To allow communication between the two networks, must want to do is through the gateway.

if say network know and found that the purpose of the packet to the host host is not in the local network, would have to forward the packet to its own the gateway, then forward again by the gateway to network b belongs to the gateway, network b gateway then forwarded to the network on a host of b.Similarly, like this network b to mail forwarding packets to process the same night market.

don't know more knowledge can help you when you have a problem.Actually set up the gateway this process, there are two ways, one is a manual method, is a kind of automatic methods, if your computer is small white, so small make up recommend you use the automatic method, lest he was tossing about mistake.Also there are some, of course, the method of automatic steps, is more simple compared to the manual, only suitable for novice what to do.Specific steps not here here small make up, you can search on the Internet.

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