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What is the meaning of wireless router dBi, wireless router dBi the bigger the better?

2018-02-13 10:52:10

in wireless router, there is an important parameter called class: : dBi, but there are a lot of people still don't understand the wireless router class: : dBi is what mean?Wireless router class: : dBi is bigger, the better?This is to introduce the next, take a look at.

wireless router class: : dBi is what mean?

in a wireless router, antenna gain gain is a relatively important parameters, it's about the router transmission distance and the penetration ability of the wall, while the class: : dBi as the wireless antenna gain size unit.

dbi reference benchmark for omnidirectional antennas;DBd reference datum for the dipole.Generally think that class: : dBi and dBd said the same gain, use class: : dBi said the value is bigger than with dBd said the value of 2.15.(i.e., class: : dBi = dBd + 2.15).G (dBi) = 10 lggi G (dBd) = 10 lggd

in simple terms, in the wireless router, class: : dBi antenna gain the size of the unit is used to indicate routers, term one term in the router.

wireless router class: : dBi is bigger, the better?

at present, the common wireless router, by looking at the parameter, the mostly 3 dbi, 5 dbi or 7 class: : dbi, for users, this value is the bigger the better, or as small as possible?

for this problem, in fact, by following this antenna gain, finished with it s understand.

under the same router wireless transmission power, class: : dBi numerical value, the greater the gain is higher, the smaller the vertical Angle, relative more far transmission distance, but close transmission area is lesser, and dBi numerical value is small, the smaller the gain, the higher the vertical Angle, transmission distance, although not far, but the greater the radiation area is relatively close.

at present, the common on the market of wireless router, antenna gain value is commonly 3 dbi and 5 dbi, and some of the main wall router 7 class: : dbi antenna gain is adopted wireless antenna gain.For ordinary users, if the area is not very big, the gain of 3-5 dbi is conducive to the reception, geared to increasing antenna, although through walls, but are more prone to make the signal covering the area now dead ends, often need to pass such a router more antennas to solve the problem of signal coverage, product prices tend to be expensive.More than

what do you mean is wireless router class: : dBi class: : dBi is bigger, the better The related content, hope to help you.

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