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What is the microwave transmission of the 4G network and what is the solution of the microwave trans

2018-01-08 14:18:59

now 4 g network became popular, so how is the microwave transmission in the 4 g network?The microwave transmission solution is what?What is a microwave transmission?

microwave transmission

microwave transmission is one of the most flexible and most adaptable means of communication, has the characteristics of quick construction, small investment, flexible application, microwave transmission is not only widely used in mobile network, also get the favour of fixed network operators;Wide application, can use in the radio and television, security video surveillance transmission, control, etc.To China also has the backbone of the national microwave links.On December 4, 2013,

ministry of industry to China mobile, China unicom, China telecom (4 g) business license issued by the td-scdma LTE, China mobile communications market in 2014 entered the first 4 g network.On June 27, 2014, the ministry of industry and further to the China unicom and China telecom for hybrid networking experiment of FD - LTE licences, marks China's 4 g mobile communication network will come into a period of high-speed development and construction.

4 g

according to the China mobile network construction demand goal for the construction of 4 g, 2014, before the end of the project will build 500000 td-scdma LTE base station.So far, China unicom and China telecom mixed network of cities also respectively by their first 16 to 40 cities urban development.As the mass of 4 g network construction, also facing the more and more problems in the process of construction.

on the one hand, from 4 g network covering the breadth of view, due to the 4 g coverage to the base station is less than 3 g base station, therefore in the 4 g LTE sites will be more intense.Continuous cover, among them, in order to meet the 4 g network will need to be in an existing site of 4 g coverage blind area in the new site, and in part of the new site, the shortage of fiber resources.Especially in the big cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, fiber deployment schedule and difficulty cannot meet the requirements of network construction, rebound, mobile network resources is facing great pressure and challenge., on the other hand, considering from the depth of the 4 g coverage, hotspots and cover edge area for data, in order to improve the user's perception and experience, based on the acer standing under the Small station in the Cell to the next stage more widely deployed in the construction of 4 g.Small Cell station deployment will be more flexible, more less coverage, deployment, density, based on a Small station in the Cell back scheme for network construction also proposed the new challenge.

in the above case, domestic operators have already begun to microwave transmission solution will formally incorporated into the 4 g network construction planning.Microwave transmission products as an important solution to move back, because of its compact structure, flexible deployment, fast installation, simple maintenance and so on, widely deployed in the network of global operators.Along with the deployment of LTE networks in recent years in the world and the development of the microwave transmission technology, microwave transmission products in the 4 g network played an increasing more important role.

big capacity bandwidth

with the development of mobile communication network and technology evolution, the current in the 3 g and 4 g network application of microwave are mainly composed of packet microwave products.Thanks to the development of chip technology and system technology, as well as the frequency of a more open policy and resource, grouping on the transmission capacity of the microwave products has been greatly exceeded the generation of TDM microwave products.Is the most advanced modulation of microwave products have the highest support to 2048 qam demodulation mode, compared with the traditional TDM microwave maximum 256 qam modulation method, frequency spectrum use efficiency increased by 40%.In addition, in conventional open spectrum using 56 MHZ or greater frequency bandwidth and recent operators focus on E - band spectrum (80 GHZ), to further improve the transmission capacity of microwave products.In traditional spectrum microwave system in 2048 qam modulation mode and 56 MHZ bandwidth conditions, through the XPIC technology can be implemented in a frequency above 1 GBPS talk business transmission capacity.In E - band spectrum, due to its abundant resources and clean spectrum, by assigning more bandwidth (such as: 250 MHZ and 1.25 GHz) realize large transmission capacity to do business, for example, in E - band spectrum, 256 qam modulation mode and 500 MHZ bandwidth under the condition of maximum achieve 3.2 Gbps hollow business transmission capacity.

adaptive modulation demodulation technology and QoS features

according to business characteristics of 4 g mobile networks, microwave transmission equipment in the process of transmission through the adaptive modulation demodulation receiving various decline, at the time of transmission deterioration of environment and conditions, through the change of the modem way to change the performance of microwave system, so as to ensure the normal transmission of business.Modem changes caused by bandwidth, QoS function through the microwave system, implementation of the classification of different priority business processing.Microwave equipment within eight levels of QoS mechanism, including the classification, scheduling, plastic, avoid conflict mechanism can realize more precise and flexible processing of 4 g.Through to the internal adjustment of each business queue length, can according to the type and nature of different business, optimize the business transfer delay and throughput.

V -

Band microwave product application according to the global V - Band (60 GHZ) microwave product deployment situation, the main advantage is that the spectrum can be used free of charge, reduces the spectrum occupancy costs;In a 256 qam modulation demodulation mode can support more than 400 MBPS throughput.In addition, due to oxygen in V - Band spectrum attenuation is very large, microwave transmission distance is very limited (most about 300 m), hence V - Band microwave frequency reuse efficiency is very high, microwave transmission link between the frequency interference is very limited, very suitable for as a dense deployment Smallcell station back solution.Currently, NEC has commercial V - Band microwave products have multiple operators in the network deployment in five countries.Integration degree of the product is very high, the use of all outdoor products structure, the built-in high gain flat antenna, microwave products only the total weight is 5 kg, very suitable for various environmental conditions of deployment, including streets, metope, road bar, bus station, the press hall, etc.

high integration, low power consumption,

with the comprehensive deployment of 4 g network and rapid construction, power consumption has become one of the biggest problems in the construction of the network, because the equipment brought by the power network operation and maintenance costs will be very large.A new generation of microwave products on the basis of the radio frequency technique and technology development, the degree of integration of microwave system is increasing day by day, the structure is more simple and miniaturization, in order to further reduce the power consumption of microwave products.Among them, NEC, with its leading radio frequency technology and manufacturing process, have issued anywhere in the world's first super tight in 2013 and miniaturization of portable microwave outdoor unit (IAG/IAP ODU), no matter from the aspects of size, weight and power consumption are all full of similar products on the market at present.NEC before microwave products, compared the new outdoor unit (ODU) will reduce 1/3 volume, weight reduced 1/2, is only 2 kg;Power consumption to save at least 30%, the lowest for only 18 w.

fronthaul microwave solution

is a new generation of microwave products can easily implement gigabit rate of transmission capacity.With the development of microwave technology and open new spectrum resources, to further improve the transmission capacity of microwave products, there are more different kinds of products, microwave application scenario is also more widely.Rely on microwave products is stable and reliable performance and large capacity of transmission capacity, NEC in 2014 issued the first E - band spectrum of CPRI microwave products, used in the distributed base station of the baseband processing unit (BBU) and radio frequency wireless connection between far module (RRU), provides mobile network future net (Fronthaul) comes a new solution for outdoor.NEC CPRI microwave transmission capacity is 2.5 Gbps, can satisfy the CPRI Ver5.0 Option - 3 (2457.6 Mbps) rate requirements, provide standard CPRI business interface, can be used to solve the BBU + RRU multi-channel transmission scheme.The introduction of CPRI microwave products, make the operator's mobile network construction are more diverse, more flexible network structure.

the diversification of products, advanced technology and function, stable performance of the system, simple and compact structure and low power consumption, strong environment adaptability, rapid deployment, convenient installation, microwave products in the process of mobile transmission network construction as an important means of transport, have drawn the attention of the operator is generally.In the process of domestic future 4 g network construction, microwave products will play an increasingly important role, for the network construction of the operators to provide more choices and improve the efficiency of network construction.More than

is about 4 g how microwave transmission, hope to help you!

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