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What is the network camera

2018-01-03 12:58:53

network camera is a combination of traditional camera and network technology produced by a new generation of the camera, it can transmit the image through the network to the other side, and the distant visitors don't need any professional software, as long as the standard web browser (such as Microsoft Internet explorer and Netscape) can monitor the images.Working principle of the

network cameras in addition to possess all conventional camera image capture function, machines also built-in digital compression controller and the operating system based on WEB, made by compressed video data encryption, through the LAN, Internet or wireless network, to the end user.TCP/IP network cameras can direct access to the digital network, therefore the system's main function is on the Internet, through the Internet or Intranet for video and audio transmission.

application advantages

webcam not only could be used for regional monitoring based on computer local area network (LAN), such as residential area monitoring, office buildings, Banks, shopping malls and other traditional monitoring;But also through the INTERNET for new type of cross-regional remote monitoring and display on the net, remote children and care for the elderly, unattended communication machine room monitoring, tourist attractions online studio, products online exhibition, etc.And is now the 3 g network, network cameras prospect is bright.

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