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What is the network extender

2018-01-04 10:50:59

what is extender network

is able to prolong the network transmission distance and effective equipment.Able to break through the limitation of traditional Ethernet transmission distance within 100 meters, can extend 10 base - TX twisted-pair electric signal to 350 m or more.It will network transmission distance limit 100 metres from the copper wire extending to hundreds of meters, can easily achieve hubs, switches, servers, terminals and the interconnection between the remote terminal.

network extender USES the independent property right of an LRE long term Ethernet drive technology, consistent with the IEEE802.3 standard, the extender provides lead code generation, symmetry and amplitude compensation.For signal timing, so that the transceiver and cable signal jitter caused by not accumulated in multiple network segments.He detected incomplete packet or conflict, and generate a jam signal to strengthen the detection.Last separation of those who have the problem of port to make network to work normally.

send port with digital correction function, he told the twisted-pair cable compensate inherent attenuation of signal intensity.

plug-in network extender is modular 10 m or 100 m long Ethernet switch products, with mature technology, low cost to complete Ethernet light long distance transmission, implementation without fiber by copper 1400 m Ethernet link access ability, the single slot or 16 slot frame, easy to centralized management.Common environment include: broadband access, ERP network connection, TCP/IP access control, IP camera connection, etc.

key features

USES an lre (long - reacher Ethernet) application-specific integrated circuit design.

no protocol conversion, no software support, online plug, plug and play.

support cascading, doubling to extend the transmission distance.

network extend appliance has low transmission delay, forwarding packets to line speed.Network extender with independent property rights of an LRE (Long - Reacher Ethernet) Long term Ethernet drive technology, can effectively extend the Ethernet transmission distance of 700 meters, at the same time ensuring maximum transmission bandwidth.Basic principle is through the plastic amplified signal, increased sensitivity to implement distance extension.

for point-to-point applications, point to multi-point communications, industrial control automation, road traffic control automation, smart card, attendance, entrance guard, sale rice system, industrial distribution, distribution system, closed circuit monitoring, security system, POS system, building automation systems, self-service banking system.Telecommunications, banking, insurance system, remote distributed equipment control, intelligent automatic alarm and fire linkage system, building automatic control system, large retail system, network appliances, etc.Utility, based on the technology development UTP701E and UTP704E will provide us with the product stability, price is low, use convenient and flexible way of network interconnection.

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