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What is the network protocol?

2018-01-12 13:27:16

What's the network protocol

network protocol is what?The definition of network protocol: established for computer network for data exchange and a collection of rules, standards or agreed.

a network protocol at least includes three elements:

syntax: used to prescribed information format;The format of the data and control information, coding and signal power equality.

semantics: used to indicate communication both sides should do;For coordination and error handling control information.

: (sequence) defines when to communicate regularly, what to speak, speak what, after the speed of speech, etc.Such as using synchronous transmission or asynchronous transmission.

network protocol is all the devices on the network (network server and computer and switches, routers, firewalls, etc.) between the set of communication rules, which established a communication information must use the format and the meaning of these formats.Most network USES a layered architecture, each layer based on its lower level, to provide certain services to it on a layer, and the details of how to implement this service on a layer of shielding.

n layer on a device with another device on the n layer communication rules are n layer protocol.In each layer of the network, there are many agreement in the receiver and the sender provided agreement must agree, otherwise one party will not be able to identify the other party.Network protocol enables various devices on the network to exchange information.Common protocol: TCP/IP protocol, the IPX/SPX agreement, NetBEUI, etc.

how the exchange of information between computers on the network?Like we speak in a language, between all computer on the network also has a kind of language, this is the network protocol, must use the same between different computer network protocol to communicate.Of course, also there are many kinds of network protocols, specific choose which kind of agreement, it all depends.On the Internet computer using TCP/IP protocol.The main reason behind the success of the

ARPANET network because it USES the TCP/IP network Protocol, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol is the Internet using a standard network Protocol.It is introduced by ARPA in 1977 to 1977 of a kind of network architecture and protocol specification.With the development of the Internet network, TCP/IP also further research and development and application, become the Internet "The common language ".

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