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What is the price of a computer router, the hottest routers

2018-01-05 11:19:09

computer router's role is to realize the data transmission, the router, there are many kinds of price is from one hundred yuan to ten thousand yuan, the traditional function of the router is a single, simple send packets to a different computer, but the current products have been fully realized the intellectualized, can transmit data of freedom, also can protect user privacy and confidential information and is used by a lot of office space.The following is to introduce a few of the most popular computer router products.

huawei AR2220

huawei AR2220 set routing, switching, 3 g, voice, security, and other functions in one, the multi-core CPU and non-blocking switching architecture, with the lead in the industry system performance and extensible ability, fully meet the diversity of future business expansion application requirements, to provide integrated solutions, more business for the client to accelerate, the maximum protection of customer investment.

huawei AR2220 using the embedded hardware encryption, support voice digital signal processor (DSP) slot, support, call processing, voice mail, and firewall applications services, covering the industry's most extensive wired and wireless connection mode. Its forwarding performance is 1 MPPS, fixed interface for 3 * GE (1 * Combo), there are four SIC slot and two WSIC slot.Reference price 8299 yuan.

red-giant RG - NBR800G

red-giant RG - NBR800G small micro enterprise Internet behavior management router can accurately identify the P2P applications, the streaming media, the enterprise office system and so on several categories of 30, 1500 a variety of applications.Can realize the comprehensive and precise control of the network bandwidth resources, through the kilter traffic management tactics for bandwidth to make full use of your spare time, according to the need to allocate bandwidth is nervous, we open on impassability channel of different traffic light, make key business running on high speed.Currently the router stores the latest promotion price of 1700 yuan,

red-giant RG - NBR800G without the client to chat, E-mail, BBS, weibo, provides the security audit function such as search engines.Built-in sharp farce is independent research and development of the massive URL classification data, through the automatic updates and content of intelligent classification.For Intranet users of Internet behavior to carry on the fine management, protection of network information security, shielding all kinds of websites, has nothing to do with the job and create a good atmosphere, improve the work efficiency.Zte ZXR10


zte ZXR10 ZSR3884 router is a modular access router, it is equipped with eight extension module, the user can according to their own business requirements for the board assembly, from the maximum improve enterprise users to network performance.At present the router in the merchant sells for 11000 yuan.Zte ZXR10

ZSR3884 business platform, more perfect carrying all kinds of business, save the carrier equipment investment and improve the QOS, comprehensive IPV4 / V6 double stack, complete unicast and multicast routing characteristics and VPN access technology as well as rich interface type and so on, provide ZhiNengDuo ZSR unified business platform;The hardware reliability of telecommunication level.

cisco 2911 / K9 router

cisco 2911 / K9 support IPv4 and IPv6, static routing, open shortest path first (OSPF), enhanced IGRP (EIGRP), border gateway protocol (BGP), BGP routing reflector, middle system to the middle agreement (IS - IS), the Internet multicast group management protocol (IGMPv3) sparse mode multicast protocol (PIM SM), PIM source specific multicast (SSM), distance vector multicast routing protocol (DVMRP), IPSec.With three fixed wan interface.CISCO 2911 / K9 can make it easy for enterprise to use the router, has the connotation design simple, easy to operate, the connection of safety, price 7545 yuan now, friends in need can be concerned about.

cisco 2911 / K9 has 10/100/1000 MBPS transmission rate, built-in, support QoS and VPN, firewall can easily guarantee the enterprise network security.It also has 512 MB of memory, the biggest support extended to 2 g.Two other external USB flash memory slot 2.0, convenience for the user.

(source network, price is for reference only),

of these a few products are by far the most popular, the average family directly using small router, the above a few are suitable for multiple computers use computer integrated router, can give a lot of users to provide data at the same time.And through the continuous improvement of product, realize the function of a lot of innovation, not only has a great increase in speed and data transmission, on the processing of the data protocol and firewall Settings on more safe and reliable.Although the price is higher, but the comprehensive integrity, good cost performance.

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