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What is the reason that the router is suddenly unable to surf the Internet, and the router is sudden

2018-01-03 17:39:40

Internet nowadays is an essential part of people's life, while the router is connected to the network link, we usually use routers, in order to extend the port, connect to the Internet.But sometimes a router can appear some problems, can lead to can't connect network.To people's demand for network current view, can't do without a network, so if the connection is not on the network, is about to find out the reason as soon as possible, and suit the remedy to the case, the problem is solved.Now why suddenly can't get to the Internet and take you to explore the router solution.

router cannot surf the Internet suddenly the cause and the solution to

1, first of all, to say the router can't surf the Internet, the most common causes of is cable, cable interface is easy to become loose, and the Internet itself is relatively easy to bad.

solution: first the plug cable interface, and then restart the router.Restart the router should turn off the power supply first, and then wait for a moment, about 30 seconds, then turn on the power of the router.Can also be used to restart the network connection method, find a local connection icon, and then click disable, refresh, after restart again.If is the problem that cable itself, then change a new cable.

2, if not the cable problem, take a look at the CARDS, network CARDS and the network connection is the key step in, so you need to verify its drive to have normal installation, test method is to need to use the PING test packets arrive problems, according to the detailed situation to determine whether a network card driver installed.If

solution: to detect the network card is not normal operation state, so you can just put it to the driver installation.

3, check whether the IP address of the local normal configuration, at the same time also want to have a look at the gateway information.In the computer Run "Command box input CMD”, click ok to enter the next step, and then in the pop-up dialog box input Ipconfig”So that I can check the machine IP address, and some of the information gateway.

solution: if there are no returns success IP information, the information is not received, so is the IP information is wrong, need to reset the IP address, and then restart the computer, whether the network is back to normal.

if the router suddenly can't get to the Internet, don't try so hard, the first to see if the above several ways, if it is one of the problems, then according to the solution just do, if several conditions are tested, but not any kind of, you probably router is broken, can ask a favor of professional and technical personnel.Sometimes my computer suddenly can't surf the Internet may also be other problems, in the face of such emergency, we can do is as far as possible in the process of using a computer to backup important files or existing network draft box inside, avoid the loss of data.

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