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What is the reason why mobile phone network is slow?

2018-01-11 10:21:24

most of the time, we in the use of mobile phones, will suddenly found that mobile phone network speed is very slow.Is all of a sudden from a very high speed Internet connection, and all of a sudden become even can't open a web page.Appear this kind of connection is the cause of the slow is very much.So the next, small make up just to introduce you to our mobile phone network speed will slow what are some of the reasons for this.Only when we find the reason, we can better to solve the problem of connection is slow this one.First open the Settings -

is a

- WLAN wireless and network, and then long press the phone currently access wifi network name, choose to modify the network.Finally under the change network interface check "Advanced options ", at the same time, set the IP instead of static, the drop-down window after find the DNS Settings, amend the DNS1 and DNS2 respectively to " "And " ", after the completion of the click save DNS address modification Settings can be realized.Case 2

or cell phone long running result in network hanged.Phone text message: just need to flight mode set out, on and off, and then clear the cache, can adjust the system running environment is the best, because finally have 1: "How to still won't do, it is recommended that the shutdown restart ", how familiar with the basic operation, on the computer issues often hear is that "Try to restart the ", this sentence to a phone is so practical.3


memory is occupied by a program did not release.Also to see depend on the cause of the spectrum, small mobile phone memory and low hardware configuration that ruled out first, after all, now there is 2 g mobile phone memory.Ruled out big games, on the Internet should not card.The reason may be your left hand half did not shut down, all software used in a open not quit, not free memory space, android also need to use a cache to clear.This kind of phenomenon also android system specific memory management mechanism, not clear memory in order to open the faster next time, your local user high dense, telecom towers data flow throughput burden big place you often surf the Internet user capacity is small, but the Internet users a lot, like your village is 10 m optical fiber to the home, but there are too many people in the use, you get to the Internet speed is very slow, if only you a person to use, it must be fast.Solution: in 4 g networks or WIFI network, using signal network stagger with others.Conclusion:

small make up in this paper to introduce our mobile phone is the cause of the slow speed.In general, the reason will appear this kind of situation, the reason is very much.If we are connected to wifi, appear this kind of circumstance, we can take a look at our wifi situation.If not, may be some reasons on the network.So we can through the small make up in this paper, the situation, as well as the introduction to the methods to solve the problems we have slow connection.

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