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What is the role of a switch

2018-01-03 17:19:54

switches (English: Switch, meaning Switch ")Is a kind of network equipment for the electrical signal forward.It can provide access switches of any two nodes of electrical signal pathway.Do you know what is the function of switches?The following and see it.What's exchange

network node traffic loading device, exchange level, control and signaling equipment, as well as other functional units.Switch to the user lines, telecommunication circuit and (or) to interconnect other functional units according to a single user request.

simple said, switches (English: Switch, meaning Switch ")Is a kind of network equipment for the electrical signal forward.It can provide access switches of any two nodes of electrical signal pathway.The most common switch Ethernet switches.Other common and telephone voice, optical switch, etc.

exchange (switching) is based on the needs of information communication on both ends of the transmission, using artificial or equipment automatically, to transfer the information to meet the requirements on the corresponding routing technology.Generalized switch (switch) is a complete the function of information exchange in communication system equipment.

in a computer network system, the exchange of the concept is put forward to improve the Shared work mode.Have we been introduced before the HUB of the HUB is A Shared equipment, the HUB itself does not recognize the destination address, host A to host B when the same local area network data transmission, data packets in with the architecture of the HUB is broadcast on the network mode of transmission, by every one terminal via validation data in baotou address information to determine whether to accept.That is to say, in this way of working, the same time can only transmit a set of data frames on the network of communication, if a collision have to try again.This way is Shared network bandwidth.

the role and function of

switch of the main functions, including physical addressing, network topology, error checking, frame series, and flow control.The switch also has some new features, such as the support of VLAN (virtual local area network), support for link together, even some still have the function of the firewall.

study: Ethernet switches to understand each port connected device's MAC address, and will address together with the corresponding port mapping in switches in the cache MAC address table.

forward/filter: when the purpose of a data frame address mapping in the MAC address table, it is forwarded to connect the port of destination node instead of all ports, such as the data frame is broadcast/multicast frame is forwarded to all ports).

eliminate loop: when the switch includes a redundant circuit, Ethernet switch by avoiding loop of spanning tree protocol, while allowing existing backup path.

switch in addition to able to connect to the same type of network, also can be in different types of network (such as Ethernet and fast Ethernet) between the interconnection.Today many switches are able to provide support fast Ethernet and FDDI high speed connection, used to connect to other switches in the network or the key server bandwidth consumption big provide additional bandwidth.Every port

in general, switches used to link a separate network segments, but sometimes in order to provide faster access speed, we can put some important network computer directly connected to the switch port.In this way, the key of the network server and important users have faster access speed, support more information flow.

finally the basic function of a brief summarize of switches:

1. Like hubs, switches, provides a large number of available for cable connection port, it can be used in a star topology wiring.

2. Such as Repeaters, hubs and bridge, when the frame forwarding, exchange opportunities to produce a distortionless square electrical signals.

3. Like Bridges, switches, all use the same on each port forwarding or filtering logic.

4. Like Bridges, switches, local area network can be divided into multiple collision domains, each collision domain is independent of the broadband, thus greatly improving the bandwidth of local area network (LAN).

5. In addition to the function of Bridges, hubs and Repeaters, switches also provides a more advanced features, such as virtual local area network (VLAN) and higher performance.Is more than

small make up to you to introduce switches, hope can help to you.For more information about the role of the switch, please continue to pay attention.

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