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What is the role of load balancing, the role of load balancer introduction [Graphic]

2018-01-11 16:53:57

times is the Internet age now, for the use of network data has also reached a peak.When we use the Internet to seek information help, often appear all sorts of problems, and this is always caused by the data too large.To face the difficulty, how can we solve?The load balancer.So what is the load balancer?It gives us the benefits of what?It for the current big data network has a what role?Small make up for you in detail.

we were faced with the huge data traffic, or when a large number of centralized access, for the web server can be a limit of challenge.The emergence of the load balancer broke the such a stalemate.Through the calculation of the machine and shunt, let our network began to become regular, become very rules.Let's data access becomes more quickly.Then its function mainly reflects in what respect?

load balance

speak simple load balancer to the IP address of a virtual sex as a strategy, coordination of scheduling problem in turn.Simply load balancer cluster system is like having a single server IP address.For this virtual IP address mapping of the cluster of each machine.So the load balancer is the whole cluster IP address outside of the show.Once achieved, it will make the corresponding measures to deal with.

when some

load balancing cluster nodes down machine condition, the load balancer will send requests to other nodes corresponding operation has been completed.Note that oriented node must be to save the corresponding information.

load balancer can take reference to failure at the same time the request is sent to the corresponding cluster, through other nodes transmission to complete the operation.This is the role of transparent session failover, request node should have the operation information in the first place.

for load balancing Web application requests to load balance processing, can get a number of sessions.For the corresponding number of sessions were statistically analyzed to determine the peak load and the corresponding peak and trough the session number.So by adjusting can better improve the system performance.

for HTTPS requests load balance aspect also has a very good development.Can the data from the HTTPS requests, to load balance to some extent, and the maintenance process of the session.

load balance

network data calculation so huge now, if you don't have a very good adjustment mechanism or system, it can't bring us convenient.Increasingly bloated data will bring us more trouble.With the load balancer, it has a very good change.

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