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What is the role of port 443, port 443 and opening steps

2018-02-27 12:52:55

Port 443 is web browsing port, mainly used for HTTPS service, its role is to provide safe access to the Internet protocol, thus to ensure the safety of the customer.Banks generally will use port 443, the aim is to guarantee the safety of client funds, second also guarantee the safety of trading.So the port 443 is widely application in our daily life, a lot of websites that need money transactions on the Internet can use port 443 to ensure safety.Let's learn about the port 443.

a, port 443,

(1) to provide services for others used to compare the server to house

people, and compared the port to door to the different room (service), if don't consider details, this is a good analogy.Invaders to occupy the house, is bound to break into the house (physical invasion of another said), then for the invaders, understand the house a few door, is what kind of door, what is in a crucial behind the door.


(2) for the customer transaction security invaders often use the scanner to the target host port scanning, to determine which ports are open, from the open port, the intruder can know the target host is roughly what service, provides further speculation of possible loopholes, so the port scan can help us better understand the target host, while for administrators, scan the machine open port is also do a good job security is the first step.

steps 1, 2, 443 ports open into custom IP firewall rules, add rules.

2, input the name, description, (can be arbitrary input, in order to check).

3, set the packet direction --Send and receive, the other party IP address --Any address.

4, set the TCP local port 443 to 443, the other port 0 to 0, TCP marks for SYN, when meet the above conditions "Traffic "Sure.5, the rules of the IP list to the first article of the rules to the TCP protocol, and elected to save again.Port

443 although in online trading guarantee to us, but we also cannot treat STH lightly.Port 443 is open for system services, but the hacker may use other ports invasion, so please check before trading opened which port on your computer, then don't turn off, so as to further guarantee the security of your transaction.Small make up remind everybody is, at the time of online transactions, never like those of unknown origin site, trading site must be bigger, it will not send us the private network address, so we should pay special attention to.

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