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What is the role of the network allocator and the difference between the network allocator and the r

2018-01-08 11:37:41

in the computer field, with the passage of time, the technology is becoming more and more powerful, in addition to a breakthrough in performance and in its peripheral products, can also see many products in today's distributor network, small make up take you know in this network is especially developed era, frequency of using the net is predictable, the distributor network effect have?What is the difference between distributor and its network and router?

distributor network to introduce

distributor network is a network signal into several road network signal, signal level is equal and each road equipment.Use the distributor will be the loss of signal strength, 2 to 4 db, 3 distribution for 6 db, distribution of 4 to 8 db.Distributor is divided into flow type (electric), and though flow pattern.Is a signal into several road network signal, signal level is equal and each road equipment.


. Distributor network to a video monitor control code signal distribution for multiplexed control code signal, often used in video monitoring project video optical transceiver for long-distance data transmission.

2. Are generally multi-channel video signals and reverse data sharing a fiber-optic transmission, due to the multi-channel video signals corresponding to multiple cameras, optical transceiver and the connection to the camera as a star topology, and the data line more than the RS - 485 bus, require the use of Daisy chain topology structure can guarantee the stability of data communication, but the wiring would need to separate layout rather than by a data link with video line line, that will increase the difficulty of wiring and related costs, and the distributor will have the RS - 485 bus distribution for the corresponding because of RS - 485 bus and walked the line video circuitry, can effectively guarantee the stability of the whole video monitoring system of communication and decrease the cost of wiring.

distributor network and router

(1) the difference between different level switch is the original

work in data link layer of the OSI/RM open architecture, which is the second layer, and the router design work from the start in the network layer of the OSI model.As switches in the OSI layer 2 (data link layer), so it is simpler, the working principle of the router to work in the OSI layer 3 (network layer), and can get more protocol information, routers can make more intelligent forwarding decision.

(2) the object which is the basis of the data forwarding different

switches is to use the physical address or MAC address to determine the destination address of the data forwarding.The router is using different network ID (IP address) to determine if data forwarding address.IP addresses are implemented in software, describes the equipment in the network, the layer 3 addresses are sometimes referred to as protocol address or web address.MAC address is usually bring their own hardware, the network card manufacturers to allocate, and curing has been to the network card, generally cannot be changed.And IP address is automatically assigned by the network administrator or system.

(3) the traditional switches break up collision domains only, cannot divide broadcast domains;And router can divide broadcast domains (4)

router provides firewall service

is used in our daily life network dispatcher probability is very big, is a distributor network in our life play a strong role, for us to use our network of this area has brought many convenient, its stability is also worthy of our thumb up, in this paper, on the small make up have to introduce the role of the distributor and its network difference between distributor and routers, of course, the choice of the distributor or want to choose according to their own actual situation.

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