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What is the router, the principle of the router and the application knowledge

2018-01-03 16:57:12

network, during the development in the 20th century, and now into each each, trust & lsquo;Network & rsquo;The word is no longer a strange word for everyone!

however, the establishment of the network is the most important medium of the computer, namely we often in computer!If the computer is a

then the routing switches is to this home & lsquo;Bridge & rsquo;!With this & lsquo;Bridge & rsquo;, in front of the networks can build up!Of course, to explain some here is: & lsquo;Routing switch & rsquo;Today is that we have heard the router, it is by the routing switches together with an integrated equipment, just like the motherboard now, most integrated sound card, network card, or even integrated graphics card!Early in the computer, sound card, network card, graphics card, are independent of the mainboard, that is to say: in the past, you to buy the mainboard can only buy motherboards and other sound card, network card, graphics card in addition to buy;Unlike now, buy a motherboard, already bought a network card, sound card, and even the graphics card!So before computer special expensive, I think this is one of the reasons!

in the same way, in the past, want to get to the Internet, first you have to buy a dialer (namely model, popular point called ADSL cats), and then buy a route, only the two devices have, you can surf the Internet normally!However, the biggest drawback is a dialer, a route, only provide a computer to the Internet, if you want to multiple computers to the Internet, that in addition to the two above equipment, but also a hub, or switch today!Later in order to facilitate the routing with switches integration, namely we often say that the router at ordinary times!

again, form a good network, local area network (LAN) constitute an ideal, the router is necessary!So it is particularly important to set the router!Of course, this setting is not tell you how to enter the router, how to fill in the user name password, how to link to the Internet, how to limit their speed!

mentioned these are all the router's basic setup, commonly used computer basic can set up good, if has the question existing in these Settings also, the reader, please look at the site of the other about router Settings, and then look down, like this believe that will be more big harvest!

set up, in your router can be normal access to the Internet, I think you want to more is if to better safeguard the router Settings, keep it has always been this setting, don't let people get rid of, it is especially for setting a router with the limit speed is more important!

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