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What is the router, what is role of router

2018-01-03 13:40:55

What's the router

router is?The router is connected to the Internet in the LAN, wan equipment, it will automatically according to the situation of channel selection and set routing, with the best path, according to the sequence signal equipment.English name Router Router, the Router's Internet network hub, "The traffic police ".The router has been widely used in all walks of life, a variety of different grades of products has become the backbone internal connection, backbone network and backbone network and Internet connectivity between the main force of business.

a function of the router is connected to different networks, another role is to choose the information transmission lines.Select the unobstructed short-cut, can greatly improve the speed of communication, reduce the network communication load, save network resources, improve the network system flow rate, so that the network system to play a greater benefit.

router has four elements: the input port and output port, exchange, switching, routing, the processor and other ports.

from an architectural point of view, the router can be divided into the first generation of single bus single CPU structure router, the second generation of single bus master-slave CPU structure router, the third generation of single bus symmetric multi-cpu structure router;Fourth generation multibus multi-cpu structure router router, the fifth generation of Shared memory type structure, the sixth generation cross router and switch architecture based on fleet systems, such as a router class.In addition,

should be paid attention to when choosing a router, network security, control software abilities of extension, the network management system, the electric plug, etc.Related:to

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