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What is the serial port network server

2018-01-08 13:49:36

serial port connected to the server what is a serial port is connected to the server 232/485 for RS -

serial ports to complete data transfer between the TCP/IP network communication interface converter.Provide RS - 232/485 terminal serial port and TCP/IP network two-way transmission of data to provide a serial port turn network function, a serial port RS - 232/485 network solutions.Can let a serial port equipment connected immediately.

united pulse serial port connected to the server is also a smart protocol conversion bridge, is one to one on the serial port of TCP/IP communication server.For POS system network data transmission, as long as the COM to the COM port on the POS, data will be passed to the LAN.

pulse serial network Server supports TCP Server and TCP Client two work modes.The former to monitor mode, the latter to active connection mode, LM - 8051.net RS232 / RS485 serial port bridge/serial port Server active connections other TCP Server (set on the IP address to a specific port).And in working mode, it completes communication of the physical transformation.Suitable for small flow of acquisition system in the application of data transmission.

lm - 8051 net and a set pattern, in setting mode, using a serial port to set its parameters on its parameters Settings: electricity, with a pen or a pin type needle through the dampers JEB hole, press the RESET button, to open the electricity, such as 5 seconds, the Power lights flashing, loosen the small needle, it into setting mode, in setting mode, use a few simple commands or Link - Max serial port setup software, you can view or modify the Settings of the products.

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