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What is the server CPU

2018-01-08 14:50:23

what is the server CPU

at present, the server CPU still according to the CPU to differentiate Instruction system, is usually divided into two categories, type CISC and RISC CPU CPU, then there is a 64 - bit VLIM (Very Long Instruction Word Long Instruction set architecture) command system of the CPU.

a type, CISC CPU

CISC is English Complex Instruction Set Computer”Abbreviations, Chinese mean Complex instruction set ", it refers to the production of Intel x86 (Intel CPU a naming convention) series and CPU compatible CPU (such as other vendors such as AMD, VIA the production of CPU), which is based on PC (personal computer) architecture.The CPU is the structure of the 32-bit commonly, so we can put it into IA - 32 CPU.(IA: Intel Architecture, Intel Architecture).CISC type at present mainly include Intel CPU server CPU and AMD server CPU.

type 2, RISC CPU

RISC is English Reduced Instruction Set Computing "Abbreviations, Chinese mean Reduced instruction set ".It is in the Complex (CISC Instruction Set Computer) based on Instruction system, somebody of CISC machine test show that all kinds of use frequency is quite different, the most commonly used are some relatively simple instructions, they only account for 20% of the total number of orders, but in the process of frequency was 80%.Complex command system will inevitably increase the complexity of the microprocessor, make the development of the processor time is long, the cost is high.Complex instruction need complex operations, and will reduce the speed of the computer.

based on the above reasons, RISC CPU type was born in the 1980 s, relative to the CPU CISC type, type RISC CPU not only streamline the instruction system, also used a technique called Superscalar and super pipelining structure ", greatly increase the parallel processing capabilities (parallel processing parallel processing is to point to a server has multiple CPU processing at the same time.Parallel processing can greatly improve the server data processing ability.Departmental, enterprise server should support the CPU parallel processing technology).In other words, architecture under the same frequency, the RISC architecture CPU CPU performance is much higher than that of CISC architecture, this is decided by the technical features of the CPU.Currently widely used in high-end server this instruction system CPU, especially high-end server all adopts RISC CPU instruction system.RISC instruction system is more suitable for high-end server operating system UNIX, Linux now belongs to a similar UNIX operating system.RISC CPU type and Intel and AMD CPU on the hardware and software are not compatible.What's the server CPU

?At present, in the high-end server using RISC CPU instruction basically has the following categories: (1) the PowerPC


(2) the SPARC processors,

(3) PA -

(4) the MIPS processor RISC processor

(5) Alpha


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