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What is the server motherboard

2018-01-03 09:42:56

what is the server motherboard

ordinary household PC motherboard, more requirements are on the performance and functionality, and the server motherboard is specifically to meet the application server (high stability, high performance, high environmental compatibility) and the development of the motherboard.Due to server high operation time, high work intensity, and the huge amount of data transformation, the power consumption of the power supply, I/O throughput, so the requirement to the server motherboard is quite strict.

server motherboard, and the difference between ordinary PC motherboard:

first, server motherboard is generally support at least two processors Different chipset (tend to be more than dual servers, single-channel server is sometimes use desktop motherboard).

second, almost any server components support of ECC, memory, the processor and chipset (but higher order desktops also began to support the ECC)

third, server redundancy is found in many places, high-end servers even have redundant CPU, memory, midrange servers, hard drives, power supply redundancy is very common, but low server is usually a modified desktop products, but also choose a line of giant power.

fourth, because the server's network load is bigger, so the server nic is generally using TCP/IP uninstall engine card, high efficiency, fast speed, the CPU is small, but the current high-end desktop also began to use high-grade network card and even double card.About

fifth, hard drive, has many and more and more server will replace SATA with SAS/SCSI.


& middot;Server: Intel Xeon/AMD Opteron®(limited to two or more servers)

& middot;PC: P4 / Celeron/P4M/Core/Core i3 / Core i5 / Core / 7 AMD

& middot;The SMP technology:

is the full name of SMP Symmetric multiprocessing "(Symmetrical Multi - Processing), it is to point to in a computer brings together a group of processor, the CPU Shared memory between subsystems and the bus structure.In this architecture, a computer consists of a single CPU, no longer and at the same time by multiple processors running operating system, and the common use of memory and other resources.While at the same time the use of multiple cpus, but for the user, they act as a single machine.System will be the task assigned to multiple cpus, so as to improve the data processing ability of the entire system.In a symmetric multiprocessing system, all the CPU in the system resources are Shared, the workload can be evenly distributed to all available processors.


memory middot;Server: ECC/Register

& middot;PC: Non ECC

& middot;ECC is The Error Checking and Correcting”Abbreviations, Chinese name is Error checking and correcting ".ECC is a kind of can realize Error checking and correcting "Technology, ECC memory is the memory, the application of this technology application on the server and more commonly graphics workstations, this will make the entire computer system at work tend to be more security and stability.Hard disk



& middot;PC: IDE/SATA


& middot;Server: redundant Power supplies/special Power PFC (Power Function Correcting Power factor corrector)

& middot;PC: ordinary, but high-end microcomputer is also used by the server power supply.Fan


middot;Server: redundant fan

& middot;PC: ordinary card



Gb/redundant & middot;PC: for Gb, but usually only one card.

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