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What is the size of millet router mini, millet router mini how much weight

2018-01-12 09:54:30

what's the size of the mini

millet millet router router mini size is 137 ×150 ×30 mm.Mini

interface aspects, millet router correlates provides a WAN port correlates, two LAN port and a USB 2.0 interface.In the light of the millet router mini positioning, this a few interface is barely adequate.Mini

millet router configuration up is not difficult, to link is the first step.Millet router mini as long as the plug and cable connected to the blue WLAN interface, even the old person or child can also be easily assembled and mini millet router.

after the connection is successful, millet mini router will bright lights up, then can take out the mobile phone, tablet, or computer, enter the Settings to find the wireless network control, in choosing Xiaomi_XXXX prefix names WiFi network to connect to the initial router did not set any password, use rise very convenient.

what is the weight of the mini millet router

millet router mini weight is 0.251 kg.

systems, millet router mini adopted based on the Open Wrt miwifi intelligent system development, a graphical operation, set up is very simple, simply modify the user name and password can create security, stability, the exclusive router.

in addition to the router can be set in the computer side, millet router mini also allows the user through mobile phones or tablets and other portable router client management.

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