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What is the switch

2018-01-03 15:45:14

what is the Switch (English: Switch, meaning Switch ")Is a kind of network equipment for the electrical signal forward.It can provide access switches of any two nodes of electrical signal pathway.The most common switch Ethernet switches.Other common and telephone voice, optical switch, etc.

switches transfer mode has full duplex, half duplex, full duplex/half duplex adaptive.

of full duplex refers to switch in sending data will also be able to receive data at the same time, both synchronized, we usually call it seems, also can hear each other voice of speech.Full duplex switches are currently supported.Full duplex delay is small, the benefits of fast.


switch of main functions, including physical addressing, network topology, error checking, frame series, and flow control.The switch also has some new features, such as the support of VLAN (virtual local area network), support for link together, even some still have the function of the firewall.

study: Ethernet switches to understand each port connected device's MAC address, and will address together with the corresponding port mapping in switches in the cache MAC address table.

forward/filter: when the purpose of a data frame address mapping in the MAC address table, it is forwarded to connect the port of destination node instead of all ports, such as the data frame is broadcast/multicast frame is forwarded to all ports).

eliminate loop: when the switch includes a redundant circuit, Ethernet switch by avoiding loop of spanning tree protocol, while allowing existing backup path.

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